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Charapp Ford South

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Published: 03 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

If you need your Ford car repaired, take it anywhere but Charapp Ford in Pittsburgh, PA !! I have a 98 Ford Explorer XLT and one day got the accelerator pedal broke off and needed to be welded in place. I took this time to make the year inspections too. Some of my neighbors already had told me about the type of people that work there, but since I haven’t had any problems, I chose to take my car there to be fixed. At the moment that I was picking my car, the state inspection stickers were on the windshield and the pedal was welded in place. I noticed then that the Radio display was completely dead. I parked again and I called on a gentlemen by the name of BOB and explained the situation. He inspected the car and verified the problem. He proceeded to inform me that the “radio man” comes only on wednesdays. Since the day that I was picking the car was wednesday, it didn’t make any sense to leave the car since that will leave me without vehicle for a week they were not going to be working on it anyway. Bob asked me then to take the car and bring it back when the “radio man” was scheduled to be there. The following wednesday a personal diffculty prevented me from dropping the car but the week after the car was at the dealership since the night before. Needless to say, Bob was not around and another person by the name of Steve informed me that the “radio man” checked the car, that the problem was a “burned table” and that I needed a brand new radio. This will cost me USD $ 400.00 to be repaired. He also told me that the radio man informed that the problem in the radio had nothing to do with any work they did and that it was just a “coincidence” and that they will not take care of the problem they caused. I explained Steve that the Radio is right above where they made the repairs and that it was possible that this was a consequence of something they did. If the radio got cables crossed or burned during the welding process it is possible that this could have burned the circuit inside the radio. I explined that if I was so intersted ingetting thsi fixed is because the radio displays shows inside temperatures, CD that is palying, compass, and a bunch of other features tha the car has. People that owns an Explorer or a Ford Expedition understand me completly. He said that, as far as Charapp Ford, they do not feel is their fault, that this was a coincidence and that it was now my problem. If you live in Pittsburgh, BEWARE of Charapp Ford Service Department !!!! Do not take your car there !!! Pedro Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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