Charity cars 4 kids

Charity cars 4 kids

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Published: 25 March 2021

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After working for charity cars for kids for about three years I have come to realize that this nonprofit charity is absolutely a front to just rip off the community and the public for their own personal gain. Kelly Parker the founder of this charity originally came from Montana where she started a nonprofit charity there for low income families that were donating cars to charity to get a tax write off. Her husband Lloyd Augustine is an owner of a tow truck company where they both went hand-in-hand into the business together but not on paper. how it worked was Kelly Parker would get the call from a person donating their car want to get tax write off. Lloyd Augustine would follow up in his tow truck and pick up the car for absolutely nothing. After the car was taken back to the shop they would look it over see what needed to be done and proceed to fix the car up. This included maybe outrageous fees on the registration that would also be no longer due considering they are nonprofit organization they do not have to pay the fees that were owed on this vehicle. Lloyd being a mechanic was able to fix any problems that was wrong with the car prior to selling it. There were ones that were absolutely a junk car that they would make to look to appear like the car was running great, reliable, slogged, and resell them for high dollar amounts to people that were poor and thinking they were getting a great car for cheap and helping needy people all in one trans action. After returning home with the vehicle and driving it a day or two maybe even a week and finding out that the car broke down and was non-repairable they would return to charity cars for kids and be told sorry that’s the risk you take when you buy used car we guarantee nothing I’m sorry. Also some responses were Lloyd Augustine blowing up and absolutely making a scene screaming and yelling at you kicking you off the property and telling you never to come back again. after moving to Santa Clara California and starting up another charity cars for kids they were back at there scams again. Except this time they got even craftier. They went ahead and opened up a thrift store. A thrift store where the local families in the area would donate other unwanted clothes furniture cars money jewelry many many more things were in place To rip off the community. Kelly Parker started programs such as backpacks for kids this was a program where she filled backpacks with School supplies for the children in the area and would give them out for free when school started. This program was the only program that she actually did and did not gain anything for herself from doing it. While at the same time getting what she is supposed to give back towards the charity. she also started a program that was a Christmas program for families to adopt needy families and buy all their Christmas presents for them at Christmas time. She would then have Santa Claus coming to deliver the presents to the family without them knowing that she was delivering the presents on Christmas Eve. The families were so happy and felt so blessed to receive such a gift and so graciously take all of them with such complete gratefulness. But what they didn’t know was Kelly back at her shop was going through an opening every single present prior to giving it to the families and keeping every hundred dollar gift card that was donated for food for the family. She kept all the gifts that she wanted for her self and her family and friends. if she didn’t keep them for herself or her family and friends which he did was put them for sale in her thrift store with a nice high price sticker for the public to buy. Well that wasn’t making her enough money, so she went ahead and started up an eBay and Amazon store where she then started selling the gifts she kept even higher price online. I know this because I was the one in control of listing selling packaging and sending off each and every item she wanted to sell. In return Kelly was letting me stay and live on the premises because I had just recently became homeless. I also started to follow love with her nephew and had a relationship just starting with him so this made it very hard for me to follow through with such a very scandalous act. But I did what I was told only because I had nowhere else to go. after the first year I started to notice little by little they were looking every single item that they received as a donation online different sites pricing memory d**k you Leslie high and making thousands and thousands of dollars. Kelly started to have me do a route and pick up checks that were now being donated from various places thinking that all this money that she is getting is going to needy families. But in fact she was going under a fake name charity cares for kids and not giving anything to the poor or needy families. Considering charity cares for kids was not her actual name Charity cars for kids is the name she is registered under , she was able to keep all the monies that she was receiving weekly from these generous families, companies, and sometimes other charities. There were times that Kelly would have me go and pick up donations from another church that was thinking they were giving to a charity that was giving to families in need. But in fact she was sticking a sticker on the items and reselling them in her thrift store and not giving one thing to anybody as she said she was gowing to do. she also receives from a local Safeway store every single Sunday items that they cannot sell on the shelf due to expiration date. She only gave out the rotting and mildewy items that were either bad or almost bad to the families in need and kept everything else for herself and friends in her own refrigeration in her warehouse. Kelly got so selfish that she would rather give food to the man with a farm to feed to his animals then give out to the families that are poor or in need. She started to hate the low income and Hispanic, Asian, and Indian people that would come in for food she would make them feel lower than the ground if they dare ask for help with any type of food. She would tell them sorry she did not have any. When in fact she had freezers and refrigerators full of food. She just could not dare give to the people she was now absolutely disliking. many of these people started to go to yelp and complain and try to figure out places they could go to complain about how they were being treated by this single charity. Kelly would see these negative things on yelp and then have a friend or one of us that worked for her write positive thing about the charity so that it would counteract the negative things. After the second year we thought Kelly would have to change her ways after finding out she was diagnosed with breast cancer.. Kelly had been of falling apart she did nothing but walk through all day that the thrift store and cry cry about how she’s sick and why this is happening to her. She had many people concerned and worried about her well-being. All of us that worked for her try to be of such support we tried to be there for her every moment of the day we just didn’t want poor Kelly to be so upset. Kelly then started going to Stanford medical where she could get of the best doctors money could possibly buy. She went for her surgery. Everything went exceptionally well. That went so well that she got even bigger breast than she had before. After the breast she went and had a tummy tuck. Now Kelly is up and feeling well and back at her scams that she was doing before. So what we were all hoping for was for her to appreciate and start giving to the needy as she has promised to do with the charity. But unfortunately Kelly just did not do it. She was back it getting all she could for herself and her own personal gain. Now Kelly wants to open an additional charity where she can continue to do her thieving in a richer neighborhood. After Kelly had stolen all the needy families food cards she would send me to the grocery store to buy her groceries with what was donated to these needy families for Christmas. She would be able to buy groceries for six months without spending one single penny of her own money with the cards that were donated for food to the needy families. Kelly would tell me “I hate buying groceries but it feels much better when I don’t have to pay for them””. Kelly would have a coworker that genuinely thought she was an honest caring loving person that would donate their cars give money give gifts and Kelly would give them to me in the back room and tell “”me hide this I don’t want them to see she’s going on vacation on such and such date I want you to list this for when she goes””. Kelly also has what she calls a community garden that is located in the back of her motorhome that she lives in on the grounds where the thrift store is. This is where she grows fresh vegetables and then gives them out to people that come into her store free of charge. But what the public doesn’t know is that she in fact has Her sewage line were it drains out from her motor home straight into the garden. She has her motorhome illegally set up in the back of where her thrift store is. This is so she can live for free and pay for another place. She must live on the grounds so she can watch very carefully and make sure nobody steals anything from her. Kelly is so greedy that when I would have to send out an item that sold to a customer that is purchased the item from Amazon I would have to personally go dumpster dive from various places to get boxes

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