Charlea Phillips Travel Partner Service

Charlea Phillips Travel Partner Service

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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Having discovered on reddit a new site called Trip Giraffe I came across a listing by the pseudonym of “Charlea Phillips” which advertised as a courteous and professional travel service personals. Around summertime of this year I initially reached out to this individual, and tendered via Venmo (which is a paypal type of money transfer service) three separate amounts in $100 USD each for a total of around $300 USD for her time spent in interactions of discussion the potential possibility of going on a trip together to overseas, such as Hong Kong (at time of discussion this was before the riots started), Sydney (before the bush fires), Hawaii and a list of other top places. | Since she also worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines and already possessed a US passport, strictly speaking from a logistical standpoint it would have been very ideal, especially given that American Airlines main hub is out of KDFW and she was living in the Dallas Fort Worth area, which would have also been my departing airport to anyplace International on faraway trips. | Suffice to say, she expressed some hesitation on the trip due to the extreme lengths (Sydney was one of the more discussed locations) and implied that a “closer to home” trip such as Las Vegas, Seattle, or even New York city would offer more security and more assurance, so to speak. | Later I clarified that for any such long distance trip that any sort of hotel arrangements would be double/ separate and that all of the places discussed had extradition policies with the USA (being a flight attendant on American I’m sure she was already well aware) and in point of fact both New Zealand (we talked about Auckland as a location) and Australia (Sydney) were members of the so-called Five Eyes intelligence allegiance so for all intents and purposes flying from Dallas to Vegas was no different as far as her concerns were concerned than flying from Dallas to Sydney or Auckland, for example. | We had some back and forth discussions and the individual known as Charlea Phillips later stated that in order to come to a detailed analysis of how much she would require as fee for this travel partner service she would need $500 upfront in order to spend the time of doing the cost analysis. The agreement reached was that she would not need to spend any of her own money on anything directly related to trip expenses such as but not limited to the airfare/flight, taxi, the separate hotel arrangements for her, and many other things such as cost of food, reasonable expenses during the trip, some small gifts and souvenirs and things of that nature. However she required an immediate payment of $150 upfront in consideration for completing the analytical process of coming up with an acceptable fee amount to which she would charge in exchange for her travel companion service. After some deliberation it was deemed by her that when all things considered, an overseas trip in duration of approximately 13 days would come to around the amount of $5000.00 USD in terms of any fee payment. After declaring this quote amount, I proceeded to send her the $350 as the second portion of the payment for completing this detailed quote of advising me how much it would be in order for her to agree to go on said trip with me. | However immediately after receiving the money I never heard back from her again, it was like almost she dropped off the face of planet earth. But some time later and I would say approximately a month or so prior to when the planned trip would have started, another $100 USD was sent to her via Venmo in exchange for the consideration of agreeing to receiving another $1000 USD in cash up front when meeting in person at any DFW restaurant in order to discuss the possibility of going on an overseas trip to which she had already previously been paid $500 to come to an agreement fee arrangement (of $5000) but then yet once again after receiving the $100 in payments, she disappeared and never once heard from her again.

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