Charles A Dynes jr

Charles A Dynes jr

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Published: 23 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Paid Offshore Engines in Oceanside Ca $1900.00 for a chevy 2.6L V6 “remanufactured long block” and installation with a 24000 mile/24 month warranty picked the car up 2 weeks later drove 9miles from his shop and the engine blew up! called offshore engines they picked the car up from the side of the road and towed it back to their shop to replace the “new” engine that had just blown up. we got a call from offshore engines the next day and the owner CHARLES A DYNES JR. told us they didnt know why the engine blew up and that he had tested the radiator and the radiator was good and that the heat tab was still on the motor. he asured us that he was going to replace the “new” motor with another “new” motor. 1 week later we called to see if the car was ready to be picked up and CHARLES A. DYNES JR told us that he had sent the radiator to the radiator shop to be tested because he thought that was the problem. we reminded him what he had told us one week earlier that the radiator was fine and told him to get the radiator back and put it back in the car. (i found out which radiator shop he sent the radiator to and talked to the manager there he confirmed that nothing was wrong with the radiator.) I called CHARLES A. DYNES JR back and told him to put the radiator back in the car we were going to pick it up. we were told by CHARLES A. DYNES JR. that if we didnt pay him an additonal $150.00 for a new radiator that our 2 year 24,000 mile warranty would be voided! we then decided to show up unannouced and pick up our car. CHARLES A. DYNES JR. saw us and got very angry started yelling refused to give us an invoice for the work that was done and threw us out of his shop and had his mechanics push the car out into the street.we had the car towed home my husband put the radiator back in it, and my son drove it for 14 days and 271 miles and the 2nd “new” engine blew up! after pulling the engine out it was determinded that the crankshaft had broke in half! after several calls to OFFSHORE ENGINES and leaving messages on the machine no one would return our calls. i filed a small claims suit against CHARLES A. DYNES JR /OFFSHORE ENGINES in march 2001. i checked the records dept at the Vista court house and this man had 24 judgements against him for the same thing. 9 of the judgements were since Jan of 2001 the day we went to court CHARLES A DYNES JR didnt show up. AND we werent the only ones in court that day suing MR DYNES, the case right before us was also against CHARLES A DYNES JR for the same thing!after investigating this man i have found the following information: he keeps changing the name of his business’everytime his license is suspended or revoked he has had the following names: offshore engines, offshore motors,US engine supply, us engine co,Engine world,world engine services, the engine king (under his wifes madien name Weslee Garrison), and before san diego he was doing the same scam in Las Vegas where he owned a company (and the license was revoked)named nationwide engine and clutch specialists inc. This man is a criminal and should be in jail!

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