Charles Cameron Swain Law Firm

Charles Cameron Swain Law Firm

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had the pleasure to be formally employed with the Swain law firm. I was a young college senior that Mr. Charles Cameron Swain thought he could take advantage of. My title was “Legal Analyst,” for those of you not in the know that means you screen potential clients/cases so that the lawyer needn’t waste his time with such trivial matters. At first glance I thought this might be a good opportunity or stepping stone to becoming a lawyer myself – I was worse than right, I was wrong. Initially the job was straightforward – all I had to do was meet potential clients at at Starbucks (Real professional Chuck) and see if their case was viable. Of course Charles wanted more bang for the no buck (he had yet to pay me at this point). The deal was I would screen of cases and refer them back to him and he would give me $100 per case that he felt was viable (highly profitable with little work). If you do the math you would figure I was getting fiscally raped. I was referring multiple cases per day back to him and he would take days or weeks to get back to me. If I called the clients they would tell me that they had already started the legal process to solve their dilemma – this was news to me considering I was supposed to receive my measely stiped before he took their case(s) For weeks and weeks I tried to get a hold of him in hopes to get paid so that I could pay my bills – school loans, rent, etc. When I finally did see him he gave me $100 and told me he was going to get me the rest by the end of the day. I haven’t good ole’ Chuck Swain since then. I supplied to Charles Swain over 50 cases that I believed were viable. Even if I was only right 50% of the time he would still owe me $2500. I suppose the climax of this is the fact that he also failed to get in contact with clients so they were calling me and harassing me about things I knew nothing about and on top of that I couldn’t legally give them the answers they were looking for becasue I was not a laywer, 20 years old, and didn’t want to mislead people. Charles Cameron Swain you should be ashamed.

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