Charles Chuck Menninger, Michelle March Menninger

Charles Chuck Menninger, Michelle March Menninger

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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Charles W. Menninger and Michelle March Menninger are con artists and dangerous individuals. Do not rent any residential property from them. Charles is the Property Owner, who resides in Mexico, outside the United States. His wife, Michelle, is the designated Power of Attorney, who resides in Front Royal, Virginia. Together, they advertise a property located at 48 Greenfield Road, Front Royal, Virginia 22630. The property is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath property, with a market value of $1,500 per month rent. They advertise the property for $2,300 per month, with false advertisement of 6 bedrooms. Once they receive your first rental payment, you will receive daily emails from Charles, demanding the next month’s rental payment directly to his account before the first of the month. These emails are sent at all hours on the night, usually between 1am and 4am. If you advise him to stop sending these emails, he will begin to harrassing you with more emails and stalking your social media pages. Next, he will attempt to have your utilities illegally turned off, just to upset you and get you at his mercy. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. If you have some intelligence and knowledge of the law, he will use his wife to attempt to provoke you by (1) showing up at the property unannounced and with strangers, demanding entry. If that does not work, Michelle will attempt to hack your personal information and accounts online, then send you threatening emails, basically stating that if you don’t pay them what they want on demand, they will “ruin you”. Then both Charles (uses his secret clearances with the US Army) and Michelle start digging into your background and looking for way to blackmail you. If you still do not meet their demands, they will try to evict you for “breach of contract” stating that you denied them entry into the property. If after that their attem poo t-shirts to wear you down and frustrate you fail, Michelle will come to the property, yelling, screaming and using profanity to instigate and altercation. If you ignore her, she will lie and state that she was attacked by the tenant and file charges against you for assault & battery. Clearly, both of these individuals are deranged. Let’s not forget to add the biggest part of the scheme….. Not only do they falsely advertise their property and overcharge residents by $800 per month, they will sneak onto your property (Charles when he’s in the states, Michelle, their maintenance crew) while you are not home and do damage to the property, in an effort to claim damages against you later. Oh, and they willsend you letters to terminate your contract, only to attempt to sue you for an “early termination clause” and a penalty in excess of $5,000. Fortunately for me, I was smart enough to keep the local police apprised of their shenanigans and one of them was caught TRESPASSING on the property — once when nobody was home and a second time when someone was inside the residence and the police were watching the house waiting for him to returnn Charles’ next visit to the property while the tenants were still under contract will result in his immediate arrest. DO NOT deposit cash or checks directly into their account. The Menningers will deny receipt of payments. DO NOT sign a contract with them. They will come to the property like thieves in the night and damage property, they attempt to sue you for the damages. DO NOT have any conversations with them without having your video camera on to record what is being done and said. They are liars. PERIOD. DO NOT rent this or any other property with #Menninger #ChuckMenninger #CharlesMenninger or #MichelleMenninger associated with it. There have been at least four tenants within the last five years with similar to almost exact accounts. They will attempt to harrassing your family, tamper with utilities, sabotage your personal and business interests via the internet and by phone (contacting your clients and personal associates with slander and threats) and even verbal and physical confrontation in person. Some tenants have left under the pressure while others have remained to have their cases against them settled in court. The Menningers are a vicious pair of cons. Beware of them, especially if you are looking for a peaceful place to reside.

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