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Poor fitting of dentures caused me swelling and much more

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had work done by Charles Croasdill DMD and wasn’t satisfied with the procedures from the unprofessional dental team. The unfriendly staff didn’t meet my expectations. The staff wasn’t pleasant and there was no help for dental care patients for me. A patient waits for an hour for their turn and I waited more than an hour and a half to have my dentures fitted. It is a nightmare to have waited more than an hour at the dentistry.
I wasn\’t pleased with the fitting of my dentures and my gums were sore and swollen.
I noticed no care for patients and the dental team don’t focus on care for the patients. Patients need good care from such facilities, but I didn’t get good care from Charles Croasdill DMD.
In my case, I didn’t have a complicated procedure and expected good results. I had sore gums and swollen gums for two days. This is from the poor knowledge of staff and dentist. No professionalism and lack of communication skills disappoint my visit to the practice. The staff aren’t friendly and aren\’t helpful to patients.
Facilities weren’t clean and tidy.
It was an unpleasant experience to have dentures fitted at Charles Croasdill DMD.
The waiting area didn’t have dental care information for patients.
My visit passed the appointment time and it shows me the planning and organization is poor from the management staff. They don’t respect the time of others.
The lack of professionalism and punctuality shows the practice isn’t good enough for dental procedures. It is a difficult process to work with low-quality equipment. There is a lack of information presented to patients of dental care procedures at the practice. I didn’t find the dentist knowledgeable in their professions.
The lack of quality and communication at the practice gives me bad impressions. I had no idea I would experience pain and swollen gums from the fitting of dentures.
At Charles Croasdill DMD nothing has been comfortable and painless to me.
The process of fitting dentures felt awkward and uncomfortable.
I don\’t recommend Charles Croasdill DMD, because of the poor communication, no clean facilities, terrible patient care, and for no professionalism in what they do for dental care.
Staff at the dental care practice don’t focus on their jobs.
Patients get neglected by the staff and the dentist is impatient with patient care.
There was no clean seat in the waiting area and no clean paper to write on if required.
I didn\’t find the practice spacious for patients in the waiting area. Low-quality dentist materials affect the procedures performed on patients.
At Charles Croasdill DMD, the dental procedures aren\’t by professionals.
No referrals to dentist specialist when or if the dentist have the knowledge of care for patients and in my case, a referral to a specialist for the wrong actions performed by Charles Croasdill DMD.
I didn’t find correct information about dental care at the practice I noticed the poor management and no communication skills toward clients.
It isn’t a place for dental patients.
I didn’t experience a client-focused team and wish I hadn’t gone there for treatment.
No dental care team spared me five minutes of their time to check on my needs.
I don’t feel confident to visit a dentist since my horrible experience at Charles Croasdill DMD. Therefore, I won’t recommend this practice to any patients.

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