Charles E Rhoades MD

A horrible doctor who shouldn’t be trusted at all!

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Elinore

Dr. Rhoades had done a hip joint replacement surgery on me which led to the development of an infection he failed to spot and that caused me to face a lot of pain and suffering. I had to undergo a dedicated treatment to get rid of the infection. He hadn’t informed me of the risks the surgery carried and made me feel as if it was the safest procedure for my problems. I shouldn’t have made the mistake to trust this doctor in the first place. When I complained about his surgical negligence, later on, his people told me that he doesn’t do hip surgeries so I must’ve confused him with some other doctor. He didn’t even admit his mistake. They didn’t care about my health or situation, no. All they care about is filling their pockets with as much money as possible. They don’t care about anything else. I could’ve lost the ability to walk around because of the negligence of Dr. Rhoades. I had to stay in bed for months because of this guy’s foolishness. I had read about him online and I didn’t think that he would such a horrible doctor. He had suggested me hip replacement surgery because he thought I might at the risk of hip arthritis. I had read a number of his online reviews and at that time I thought he was the right doctor to handle my case.

He made me go through a lot of pain and suffering. My insurance got exhausted. I couldn’t go to work for at least 5 months because I was at the bed. And after Dr. Rhoades had done my surgery, he didn’t check on me properly to see if I had developed any complications. And when I developed an infection and felt a lot of pain, I asked him to find out if anything was wrong with my condition. And he told me that there wasn’t anything wrong with me and that I was just recovering. But when the pain didn’t go and my condition seemed to get worse, I got in touch with another doctor who did a few tests and told me that I had developed an infection in my hip because of the procedure. The infection had matters worse and it could’ve crippled me for life if I hadn’t gotten it treated soon. I underwent treatment for the infection and after I contacted Dr. Rhoades about this case. He didn’t admit his fault at all. According to him, he had done his job properly and the infection must’ve been caused by something else. He also told me that if I would have told him about the infection, he would’ve treated it. What he fails to notice is the fact that I had told him about the discomfort and pain. At that time, he kept claiming that I didn’t have anything wrong and it was the discomfort of the surgery.

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