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Published: 26 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A man by the name of Charles W. Fitch of Canton Michigan has for the last two year been stalking, bullying, and harassing Jason Paul DeCanio of Oviedo Florida, to silence him from being arrested for the said charges above and also for scamming and frauding Joseph DeMarco who is a used hubcapseller. This whole vendetta started when I interviewed Joe on my radio podcast back in April of 2013. Since then Charles continues to threaten to shut me down, demand that I remove everything about him which is the truth, and yet he claims that all I say is nothing but deilliusonal lies and such. He has stolen all my videos and pictures, stalks my youtube channels 24/7 and continues to write bogus articles in an attempt to discredit my reputation as an honest radio host and podcast person. I asked to be left alone and not be bothered by this tyrant who thinks he owns the internet airwaves. But he disrespects my wishes and continues to be sexually obessed with me. He also impersonates other people and characters on his websites which do nothing but promote how much he hates me and Mr. DeMarco. I to this day have all the information against him doxed and documented and will when the time is right to present these facts against this sick individual who needs to be baker acted, yet claims Im the one who needs it more, in open court. Charles Fitch has nothing better to do than sit in front of his computer and type disgusting and threatening messages and comments using fake names and youtube channels that he has created and which are not verified by youtube and yet has no credibility whatsoever because no real person can be linked to the channel. He also continues to threaten any new channels I make claiming them to be fake, and sends me harassing and threatening messages stating my channels and me will be shut down. Charles Fitch is a pissed off individual who got kicked off the ebay/paypal platform, and uses stealth accounts to illegally go back and fraud sellers on ebay by outbidding others on items and not paying for them. He claims I am an ebay seller which I can honestly say I am not, nor have I ever been on this site or any other online selling site in over 10 years. Charles is determined to get Ebay shut down, and Mr. Demarco ousted off the site as well, but at the same time is bullying, harassing, stalking, and defaming others outside of this area because he feels that anyone who fights against him deserves to be treated badly and exposed for being an honest person who fights for the truth. Because of the issues at hand I decided to create TEAM P.A.W.S. AKA People Against Web Stalkers. Ma and my crew are fighting for the removal of those who choose to think stalking, bullying, and harassing is ok to do. We are exposing individuals like Charles in an effort to make everyone aware of how important it is to stay safe, and be treated with respect when going on the internet or in real life. Join me in continuing to fight this Individual from Canton Michigan, in an effort to put him away and show the entire country that I and my staff fight to end cyberbullying, and cyberstalking once and for all!

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