Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery

just stay away from these thieves and cons!

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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Tyrone

Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery is nothing more than a sham. They are just a group of thieves and if you care about your money, then I’d suggest staying away from these people. They create false bills and charge you wrongly for services you didn’t even avail. They are scammers who keep stealing from people. Don’t fall for their professional ads and website. I did, and I regret that decision to this day. They take your credit card information and charge you automatically for random services. When I had gone there for a cosmetic procedure, I was a little suspicious that they’ll do something fishy. I just had no idea what. At that time I had just removed the thought because it seemed foolish. Now I know I was right. These people charged me over $350 for nothing. They sent me two invoices, one for $250 and the other for $100 and the amount got deducted automatically from my credit card balance. When I came to know about what happened to my money, I quickly contacted these people. They didn’t admit that they stole money from me. Instead of accepting their fault, they were accusing my credit card company of doing some malicious task. I can’t tell you how crazy those people sounded at that time. They were giving me vague replies and constantly told me that ‘We are professionals’ and ‘we never do such stuff’. To be honest, their replies sounded more pathetic than their claims.

I checked things with my credit card company and I found out that it was these people indeed. The surgeons at Charleston Oral and Facial Surgery might not be able to do a cosmetic procedure properly, but they certainly can steal the money from your pockets. I was foolish to pay them online. I thought it was convenient and easy but in fact, it was their way to extract information from me. I gave them the opportunity to steal my money. They never accepted their fault and now I’ve given up. I don’t want to waste my energy and time in fighting these goons for a sum of $350. I just wanted to let others know about the thievery and mischievous behavior of this clinic. They seem like real professionals, but they clearly aren’t. The entire staff is a band of thieves and nothing else. They all know what they’re doing and how they are stealing from people but they don’t feel any guilt or remorse. I just wish these people rot in hell. I also wish that no one else has to get scammed by these thieves. I strongly advise you to go someplace else where you won’t get scammed. I’m beginning to doubt if the professionals here have real certifications or not. That’s because of the way they acted and handled all this ordeal, they seem like real criminals and fraudsters to me. And it won’t be a surprise if they turn out to be con artists.

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