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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Last month, my cousin visited me after 4 years. As we met after such a long time, we decided to do something fun to make his trip memorable. After going through many options, we decided to go for a SUP Paddle Board tour as we thought that it would be fun as well as a new learning experience. After searching online for places, I decided to take my cousin to Charleston SUP Safaris.
We opted to go for ‘Sunset Dolphin Safari’ because of the timing of the tour. We reached the place around 2 hours early in order to explore the place properly. We went into the shop to look at some boards. The shopkeeper at first did not seem to be enthusiastic about the fact that someone had walked into their shop. We roamed around for a bit, checking out paddleboards and other merchandise. My cousin had some knowledge about paddleboards and so he was keen to check out the boards on display while I walked around and checked out their merchandise. A paddleboard caught my cousin’s attention and he asked if he could try it out. The shopkeeper said that that particular board could not be tried out as it as not for sale although it was clearly stated that it was for sale. After getting disappointed in the shop, we decided to fix our moods by strolling around.
While strolling, we saw a couple being shouted at by a guide. It was an unusual scenario because guides are supposed to be friendly. We decided not to stand around and see an argument. My cousin wanted to know about the rental rates of the SUPs and so we went to the help-desk. When the staff member answered our query regarding a 24-Hour Rental, we could not hear his voice properly and so I asked politely if he could repeat what he had just said to which we got a rather rude reply. We decided not to indulge in a fight and hence, we walked away this time as well.
The time finally came for our evening tour. Despite all that had happened, we were excited to learn something interesting. Our trainer came a bit late. He introduced himself that he would be teaching us the basics of stand-up paddleboarding. As it was during the evening, he told us that we would get to see the sunset from a unique point they have.
At first, our trainer started teaching us how to paddle. My cousin being the sport that he is, immediately grabbed the basic concept of paddling. I, however, was not being able to paddle properly at first. Instead of asking me to rectify my mistakes properly, our trainer rudely shouted at me for not being able to do the ‘easiest thing on earth’. When I asked for a little bit of help, he chose not to listen to me. Because of this, we missed the sunset. We were also not able to catch a glimpse of the dolphins. Had our trainer taught me a little bit more, we wouldn’t have missed the sunset. We came back after it was dark.
I would not recommend anyone to go to Charleston SUP Safaris unless they want to spoil both their mood and day.

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