Charlie Choi

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Charlatans like Charlie Choi have no place in hell or heaven and need to be punished severely!

The kind of trouble and damage caused by Pacific Wealth scam has turned everyone grew suspicious of business proposals driven by claims of huge profits and backed by religious institutions. The fate of tens of hundreds of families is hanging in the air. These families have been badly cheated. Many of them have gone bankrupt, lost income source after making investment in scam. The tragic bit is their religious sentiments have been shattered. There isn’t any fix for it. All they’re looking for is to get some money back to start things again. My name is Alex and my family’s happiness was ruined by bastards. It’s a real estate scam or securities investment scam.
As law agencies are trying to measure the kind of damage caused by scammers, several unknown facts have started to appear on surface. Pacific Wealth sold different scams to different families. There are one or two things common in all of them. They offered two options- Buy Iraqi currency or real estate in California. I’m not going to discuss the business model. It’s a mind-boggling process as these guys have built a web of lies and only complicate things, as you continue to talk about it.
My family would have never made an investment under normal circumstances. The Church’s involvement was the deciding factor. We’re sold over the concept. I lost a total of $390,000. I’ve no idea what to say. Was it like any other scam? I think it would be right to label it as scam as our religious feelings were involved. It was a religious scam.
Charlie Choi used to sing prayers during meetings and talk about religion and doing goodness. He showed immense faith in religion and how it can be used to fix financial issues. They clouded our reasoning cells and diverted the attention on topics like religion, money etc. It was only a matter of time before they played us like puppets and took our money away.
A ‘Ponzi’ scheme it was. The whole system was dependent on bringing and adding new members to it. That was the reason the Church was involved. Pacific Wealth guys were also exposed by Coast Wealth Management as they’ve clearly set the records straight by dismissing any kind of association with scammers.
The law system has also failed. The lack of coordination between states is one of several reasons behind it. I’m unable to see how bastards like Charlie Choi can run a big show without being verified by concerned authorities. In many ways, the scam has exposed the system and society we live in.
I don’t think stopping them from using fake brand identity would change anything. The scam artists can pick a different brand, call themselves associates and cheat people again. It’s the inability to stop them in the first place and failure to punish them afterwards that has been our undoing in the past. We need to come-up with a better plan.

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