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Published: 15 February 2020

Posted by: Millicent2.0

Charlie made my experience getting a routine transmission replacement a living nightmare! I have dealt with rude unethical mysogynistic mechanics before but this man takes the cake!! Not only did he intentionally allow a NEW transmission which he was supposed to put in my car walk out the door so that I was forced to have to have my old one rebuilt, but he treated me like a piece of refried doggy doo when I came to pick up my car! I’d spoken to him over the phone 20 minutes before I arrived at the shop and everything seemed normal. However when I arrived in person he spun a 180 on me. He spoke down to me the entire time. I then learned that he’d lost or allowed my license plate to be stolen off the back of my care. When I questioned him about it he claimed the car “must have been brought to us like that”. Um last I checked it wasn’t legal to bring a car to an auto shop for repair without a plate. Nice try goober. He then proceeded to speak to me in a cold snappy tone and turned on the waterworks claiming to have just left a close neighbors funeral. Wow. Short funeral. It was nothing but a crock of bull. See my car?sat in his shop for over a year because I couldn’t pay the full cost of the repair. He agreed to let me get the car out when I was able to pay. However he became disappointed when I finally was able to pay and he couldn’t put the lien on it and take it away from me as he’d planned. So the “lost/stolen” plate was removed by him in order to sell MY car for profit. His disappointment reflected in his vicious cold heartless hateful attitude when I came to pick the car up right in the knick of time with FULL payment in hand. He is a poor shabby sloppy excuse for a man and a mechanic. I wouldn’t trust him to repair my dead Grandmothers oxygen tank! Ladies beware!! He’s a common sociopath with no soul!!

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