Charlotte carrington

Charlotte carrington

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Published: 12 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Beth Killion Kenny aka know as Alexis, Beth, ScarleTt Rowan and her latest name is Charlotte carrington. this woman I met only one time when she showed up at my house uninvited. She has harassed and caused me dramafor several years. She he assumed I wrote a previous rip off report, not me, but I know allot of the same Info is true! She tries to befriend other escorts and providers to appear to have some sort of life. She is pure evil and finds anyway to what she conveyed to me once ” destroy” anyone that she’s wishes to and she is pure evil! she is very heavy and at least double the size she claims to be, her pictures are very dated or altered as she looks nothing like that in person. When I met her she was dressed in a shapeless dress, frizzy hair and very unkempt looking Woman! Q She brags about herself constantly and how intelligent she is. I give her a high rating for her computer skills and all the time she has to harass other women and fantasize about herself being a desirable woman. What she does not understand is you must be genuine and kind to be attractive, since her inside and outside are both so ugly, she will never be as successful as the women she tries to destroy! I know personally of her blackmailing clients for rent and money, she was always on various sites crying the blues and needing money, took thoudsands of dollars from a San Diego site SDASP. Common knowledge in San Diego, tride to involve me in a cancer society fund raiser, another scam! When I asked for receipts to give do donors she laughed and told me how naive I was. she had to leave Phoenix, then San Diego and from providers in Pitts told me in Pisstburgh, she is causing problems on a site eccoie and has the same type of reputation and with clients issues. anyone thinking about visiting this woman, being her friend, beware!! XXX Realize she wrote the most horrifinc, untrue things about me when a report about her on rip off was written by a lady in AZ. See, she has to work on her destruction of so many ladies to cover all those she has harmed. I have never reported her behavior, written fake reviews like she has about me. I even know its is her, she needs to be more creative! She calls me a drug addict ,exposed my sons previous home address and wrote so many lies. I don’t even smoke pot! Stated Idid not use protection, well please one client come forward to dispute that. No one can, that is a horrific thing to say. prepare yourself Beth. My future husband is on this and you will find yourself in court and probably in jail. I begged you to stop Harrassing me and you simply are not capable of life without creating turmoil and drama for everyone. As one client of mine said when he read hear your wrote, she is clearly someone that has t one envious of you. You ar a good person and she clearly is not! i felt sorry for your children, understand why her son ran away, he did. Of agree with clients in their home! Then her poor a daughter exposed to her lifestyle. I knew who you were when you spoke to your daughter as you did! It was disgusting. I felt so sorry for her and to have a rude, classless slob of a mother like you. you should cherish her! Also feed her instead of stuffing your face with your it Mac and fries, you might recall I did, gave her a towel and a sweatsuit to wear home . ishould have called children’s services! My family gives me my greatest joys in life, you are the most narcissistic woman I have ever met. Do you think your behavior to harm other ladies empowers you somehow? karma, I will have justice and I refuse to post lieS or fake reviews as you do. I will see your mucho grande a*s in court. You see you have allot of enemies that feel the same way I do. ladies do not trust her, men especially do not trust her. I live in Santa Barbara! Ca and only begged her in two calls to stop harrassing and posting lies. Otherwise met her once over five years ago and she is still harassing me! She laughed and said she will do anything she wants and destroy my life if wants. my revenge, I have had a great time as a provider and dont need blackmail my clients to make a great living, ., I am also getting married and retiring. Charlotte, all these men that love You? I read some of her posts. Are they all over 300 pounds and blind? How is that Victorian house you bought coming? Why is it not in your name? Since you post you bought it? B What you do and have done to these ladies and myself is unforgivable, though I have tried. Be prepared 4000 and court, my record of garbage you wrote is clean. When my man flies a few of these folks for a little vacation to Pittsburgh to court when I sue you, I think I might have a few new plantiffs sign up to! all expenses paid for their honest testimony about your ongoing harrassment, well hope you have a good lawyer! Do they make clothes large enoughto fit you for your upcoming incarceration or must they sew a few pairs together to fit? btw you posted I was arrested inOregon, please get the dob right, you are ten years off, I am not as old as you are. I have a pretty generic name And you know it was not me! Your wrap sheet is quite real though! No wonder you never go back to Phoenix! Just be so careful and do not share even the simplistic facts of your life, she enjoys harming others to get a sense of worth . She does not care if it is the truth or not, as long as she creates drama!

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