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Published: 12 July 2019

Posted by: Jennifer Hooper

Charlotte Appliance is located in Charlotte NY. A suburb of Rochester NY. My husband and I gutted our kitchen, right down tot he studs. When it came time to buy appliances we shopped around. But we wanted more than just good price. We wanted good service. Just about everyone we talked to had good things to say about Charlotte Appliance, plus my husband is a kitchen designer, so he knew what was up and where. We went to Charlotte and purchased over $3200 in appliances. A front loading washer and dryer, an LG convection flat top oven, matching microwave, and a Whirlpool Dishwasher. The dishwasher was about $550. TO us it seemed high tech, but we wanted a quiet dishwasher. The sales guy did a great job with everything we bought, explaining and pricing etc….Well, everything worked, except the dishwasher. Oh, it was quiet all right!! But it left a layer of white ### all over everything in tthe washer. We followed procedure, called on 2 separate occasions, and had a tech come out each time. They both agreed that something was not right, but they could not find what it was. Well, we had had enough. No one seemed tobe able to fix it, or help us. We tried every detergent there is, we tried using NO detergent. We used hot, then cold water. We used vinegar. The white layer of ### was always there. I did not pay $550 for a dishwasher that I couldn’t use. I washed the dishes by hand. So we put it in teh back of our beat up station wagon and took it back. Well, the owner, yes he introduced himself to me as the owner, was so rude I was shocked. he wanted to know who authorized me bringing it back to the store. He called to see if we had really had anyone come out to look at it. He made the girl on the phone read him the tech’s report. In front of a crowded store, he called me a liar. That there was no proof that the washer did not work. The Whirlpool Rep was there, in the back. The owner, went back to ask him if he wanted to do anything for me. I could see both of them standing there. They both looked at me and laughed. Now, we spent quite ab it of money on 5 appliances, each of which has a 12 month warranty. I brought it back well within that time frame. Like within 3 months. We messed with it for longer than it deserved. Then the owner embarrassed me in front of a store full of people. He even told me that there was no way he was taking it back. I finally got over my shock and told him that I was NOT bringing it home. It was a horrible experience. Beware of shopping here. They are more than happy to help you shop, but you are on your own if something is wrong with the appliance. My husband will NEVER recommended them to his clients, nor will we or our families buy anything there ever again.

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