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Dr. Uppal is running a big scam

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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: olivia

Charter Radiology claims to provide you with a compassionate and expert experience but the reality is much different. Dr. Uppal is running a big scam and her organization, Charter Radiology is simply an example of how medical organizations cheat people and toy with their lives. She has ruined my life completely.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. But now it is beyond stage 1. It could have been treated easily when I had visited Charter Radiology for my scan. But due to their negligence and malpractice, I was told a lie and I had to believe in that lie.

They had told me that I don’t have any issues whatsoever and it was simply a case of flu. One of my physicians had referred them and I was glad at first, to see those people. They have made the interior, the website and the office in such a way that you can’t suspect how pathetically they operate on a daily basis. My scan had lasted around 30-40 minutes. I had shared my concerns with Dr. Uppal who is the head radiologist there.

She seems a nice lady but in reality, she is just a vicious criminal who is only ruining the lives of others for the sake of her pockets. When I got my report from these people, they diagnosed me healthy and told me there wasn’t anything unusual at all. I was quite glad that day. If I had any idea that these people are inexperienced and careless, I would have never gone to their clinic.

I hadn’t felt any improvement in my condition even after taking flu medicine. My physician was out of town for a few months and when he returned, I met him and discussed my condition.

He asked for my radiology report and when he took a look at it, he was shocked. He told me that I will need to meet an oncologist because I ‘might’ have breast cancer. That was a huge shock for me. For these months, I was living happily thinking there wasn’t anything serious. I had gone to these people fearing that I had cancer but they were so careless that they didn’t even bother taking a proper look at my report.

I complained to Charter Radiology and told them that I’ll file a lawsuit against them and Dr. Uppal. Later, Dr. Uppal reached out to me, telling me that it wasn’t her but another radiologist who had checked my image so I shouldn’t bother filing any lawsuits. Believe me, when she told me that, I was shellshocked. Wasn’t she supposed to take a final look at the report before approving it? It was a case of cancer after all. Wasn’t it her responsibility? Shouldn’t she have at least glanced at the image? Is she that careless?

I have been running back and forth since my diagnosis. That wait of 3-something months has ruined my health. I don’t know how I will make any progress or will I be able to live or not. If I had found out before I could have been saved.

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