Chase Auto Finance JP Morgan Chase Bank

Chase Auto Finance JP Morgan Chase Bank

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Published: 16 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a loan through Chase bank for a 2007 sentra spec v that I purchased brand new from Nissan. I had this loan for 2 or 3 years with little to no problems. Last year (2009) the place I work was seeing a drop in profit due to our current economy and made a decision to cut ALL Monthly bonuses. For me this meant a $500 monthly loss in my wages. Once I heard of this I know right away I would not be able to afford my car unless I could lower the payments. I called Chase and spoke to the auto finance dept who said currently they are offering a program that would allow me to lower my payments. This program simply just re-extended your loan to its original months which would lower the payment. For me they said it would lower it about $250 dollars which was half. I was relieved as at this payment I could very easily afford to keep my car. So I submitted the request with them on the phone and was told to call back in 20 to 30 days to finalize it. They also said I would need to be sure not to let my car payment be late as this would make this program no longer an option for me. So I thought well I can post pone other bills like rent and others to pay the car until the payment is lower which was supposed to be in thirty days time. 20 days later I call them and they say oh I see you called but for some reason it didnt get submitted. They apologized and re-submitted it and said they same things like pay your payment on time and call in 20 to 30 days. 20 days later the same thing happened. They saw the notes that I call and requested it but they never submitted it. At this time they said they are overwhelmed with the amount of these and mine is falling between the cracks some where and they would need to resubmit it. So to shorten this story this happened 4 times in the span of 4 months and on the forth time they said oh we are sorry it wasnt submitted again but we no longer offer the program and can no longer help you. So keep in mind I was postponing other bills like rent to pay my car payment on time and at this point I had to pay back the rent and could defiantly at this point not afford they car and they had to repo the car. I just bought a cheaper car that is affordable for me but because of this repo my interest rate is through the roof! I really feel that I got played by chase bank and it resulted in a big lose for me.

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