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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Background – CHASE Auto Finance is Lien holder of my car. I leased the car in 2010, on August 1, 2013 I bought the car when lease had ended. I now am trying to sell the car. I have a buyer who has been approved for a loan and is waiting to purchase. 3/29/14 – Went to local CHASE branch with a buyer who had check in hand to purchase vehicle I have for sale. We were told by the CHASE rep. that the title was not able to be located. That he sent in a request to DMV for research on the title and call later in the week for an update. He could not provide us with a timeframe when the title would be available. Buyer decided to hold off on purchase until title is located and reseach is completed. 4/15/14 – Called numerous times since my first visit but never received any useful information on title. Went into local branch. First time I spoke with anyone who was helpful. She was still unable to give me any time frame but did show me a copy of the title that she had faxed from headquarter. It was from my lease. It had never been transfered from lease to buy. I was told that it was held up because I had a co-signer on on title and now the loan was only in my name but they had not received proper paperwork. I showed her my copy of paperwork from dealership with only my name on it and co-sign N/A. All of these changes had been made back on August 1, 2013. 8+ months ago. I left the branch with the information above and that I would recieve a call later in the week. 4/17/14 – Today I received that call from a CHASE rep. (This is the first time someone has reached out to me) I was told the hold up is at the DMV. (note – I moved out of state a couple years ago. Took this vehicle and registered in FL. When I purchased on August 1, 2013 it was registered back to CA.) The CHASE rep. said there is a hold up between DMV’s. From what I understand CA will not release title until FL releases something. She could not give me a time frame in which the title will be released from DMV, but will call me back next week with more information. — If thinking of using CHASE Auto Finance now or in the future, I would highly recommend that you do not. I do not trust this company. What they are doing here should be illegal. I am in fear of losing my buyer, and losing value on my vehicle in the amount of time this is taking. All while still being forced to make payments. My payoff balance is also rising about $2.50 per day. Not happy with this company one bit. They have me trapped, there is nothing I am able to do. I have made all payments on time now for almost 5 years now. .

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