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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On March 19th, 2015 I went to a Chase ATM machine on their 360 E 149th St Bronx, NY 10455 branch. ATM Machine number 9. The amount deposited was all Cash totalling $1600. After the ATM counted the money it gave me an error indicating there was a problem with my transaction. Gave me a receipt for a phone number and transaction number to call. I panicked, it was all cash, I had no way to claim my funds back!! I called the number and also went to a customer service representative. The rep told me they have no access to the machines and that all they could do is call that number for me and open a case. I had already called the number and opened a case. Over the phone Chase assumed me, there was nothing to worry about. Once I gave them the transaction number, the AMT code and AMT ID my money was safe. They even gave me a credit for my funds, just a few short hours after the deposit. I went on as if everything was resolved. 32 days later I logged into my account only to find that Chase had reversed the deposit they credited me. I called Chase and they told me that I didn’t deposit the funds. They weren’t able to get the funds from the ATM and therefore, I must have not made any deposit because there was no money to be found. They claim a 3rd party audits the ATM machines and that since they didn’t find the money there, I didn’t deposit the money. I did deposit the money, I even told them they can look back at the footage, they have security cameras at each ATM, can’t they check that I was there, I made a deposit and left empty handed? They said, once their independent 3rd party reports no cash was there, they take away your money. That’s where I’m left today Chase and/or their independent (UN-NAMED) contractor stole my hard earned cash! I will never use an ATM to deposit cash, ever again in my life. I only wish that didn’t cost me $1630! I’m trying to find my options but since this was cash I don’t know if my options are many. Chase told me they wash their hands and won’t honor the amount. To them, I lied, to them I simply wanted the funds but didn’t deposit any money. Where is my money today?? They claim I have it. I say someone stole it. As soon as it is possible for me to take my business elsewhere I will close my Chase account so they can never again steal my hard earned money. This is the second ATM that does this to me. The last time it returned the money, this time it only gave me a worthless piece of paper. .

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