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Published: 13 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

After reading the other review I feel I need although i think its a shame this other lady felt so badly treated i have to say in fairness to this company that none of this has been my experience with them far from it the staff have always been great with me and i have never had any complaint from them apart from when we had a power cut and i missed a lot of calls which is fair enough and once i explained they understood she was a little harsh about it but that is the one and only time i have heard any attitude from any of their staff In regard to who calls well i think it depends what hours you work as to what country you will get the majority of work from personally i have received calls from all over the world as far as how rude they may be if you have a drunk or rude customer you are allowed to terminate the call if they continue after you tell them its not appropriate along with certain topics of calls being banned to talk about via the company for your own protection as well as any legal action being taken against you or the company Not sure how her health is the companys fault we all know smoking is bad for you so that was her choice and plenty of other options to deal with her so called stress maybe she has never heard of meditation and protecting herself from negative energies which i have to say i am surprised she didn’t know if she claimed to be capable of working on a psychic line Yes the company advertises in several formats and you will have your picture etc shown so you will need to be aware that your face and body if you work the sex lines ( i don’t ) will be shown to everyone sadly the company is not able to ban your friends and family or neighbours from this advertising if they could they probably wouldn’t or they would have no business to employ you with since their employee’s work all over the place so the abuse she had from neighbours and her apparent reason for moving being the companys fault is hilarious to say the least she claims to be intelligent but didn’t have the sense to know her face and bits would be out there for the world not just her neighbours to see thats the risk you take if you work the sex lines deal with it again that was her choice As for their payment the only issue i have with them is you have to earn in the UK on the psychic line £50 before a payment can be processed but if you put the time in its not hard to make so shouldn’t be an issue and if you don’t make it they just add it to the next payment week Yes you do have to pay your own tax as they do not pay it but all this is stated in the contract you sign with them as you are classed as self employed they just supply the customers to you I have found the company thus far great to work for they leave you alone to do what you are doing and only talk to you if there has been a complaint made about you and they pay on time without any hassle what more could you ask for!? maybe this other lady wasn’t suited to the work she chose to do and thats a shame like with most places you need to have the right kind of attitude for the work you are doing or you won’t be happy and neither will anyone else lol

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