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Published: 06 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a 27 year old female who happens to be a desiel specialty mechanic. I am not good with auto’s but if the problem is an easy fix, I’ll give it a try. While working on my friends jeep this week I found a need for some supplies. We drove her jeep to the store to buy a battery, and battery cable. I also purchased some other supplies. The total of my purchase was about 75 bucks. While at the parts counter asking an attendant about batteries I was asked what year the jeep was. I leaned over and looked out the window of the store and then said probably a 96. [here is the first sexist remark] The clerk replied “there is no way you can tell the year of that jeep”. I was a little bit stunned but shrugged it off. I was trying to be polite and talk to him, and mentioned that I was unfarmiliar with a product I was buying and asked him his opinion. He replied to me “that I should just ask for help if I didnt know what I needed”. I was really mad at this point. Then he told me to make sure and let “him, or whoever” know when he installed the cable that it needed a specific ground point. Okay, Im really mad at this point. As if a “her” would be incapable of installing a simple cable. So I told him I was installing it and that even though I was just a generator mechanic I could probably handle it. I left the store with my battery and supplies. And was asked if I was capable of carrying the car battery myself. After the last comment I decided that the guy was obviously a chauvinist and so I would not go back to that particular store. When I went back outside I decided to just swap the battery there in the parking lot so I could turn the old one back in while I was there. When I popped the hood I saw that the battery terminals were bad and went back in to buy some anyway. During this time my friend asked the clerk in the store if he could get the terminals off of the battery or if they had a wire brush we could use. The clerk replied “ask her, she’s the mechanic” (which was said in a very rude way). I heard the comment and left the store without spending any more of my money there. I went down the street to AutoZone and bought all the same stuff (I intend to return all my stuff to checker, as that I do not want my money spent there). Where they were very polite, and did not use any male references when answering my questions. Candace Layton, UtahU.S.A.

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