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Published: 28 June 2018

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Please be wary and do your research before signing anything with this cheer gym. The owner, Sarah Mitchell, overcharges parents both in the contract you sign and during the months she automatically charges your card on file (and you are *required* to have a credit card on file with her). Upon comparison to other cheer gyms in the region, she is at a minimum $1000 more. To make it more painful, the gym is no where near as successful at competitions or athlete retention. It is common practice for her to take orders from parents for extra practice wear, warm ups, uniforms, swimsuits, and other frills and charge for them, only to either never provide the products or not provide them until the season is over and the items are no longer needed. Last year practice wear was charged to the parents in September and the practice wear was delivered in MAY – after the season had finished. This year, uniforms, extra practice wear, warm ups, and swimsuits were purchased and paid for again in September. Uniforms were not supplied until HALF WAY through the competition season, instead having the athletes compete in sports bras and spanx. Classy. The warm ups were not delivered until February and were drastically different than the advertised product. The quality of the warm ups and uniform was that of a low budget warehouse, not of a facility charging $4500 per athlete. The last two years of uniforms were of such poor quality, we were instructed to not wash them as they would begin to fall apart and all the rhinstones would come off. The owner stopped putting together a price sheet for each of the individual items and instead began charging an “all inclusive” price so that she didn’t have to answer to the shoddy wear she provided. The extra practice wear and swimsuits that were also paid for in September were never delivered. Multiple families were double charged monthly dues at various times throughout the season and getting refunded for the overcharges was nothing short of miraculous. This gym also advertises as a “world class facility”, however there is no heat or air conditioning used. Often the coaches are huddled by a small space heater while requiring the athletes to practice in sports bras and spanx. Part of last year the spring floor was moved to different facility and the athletes were required to tumble and practice stunts on a two inch carpet on top of concrete. This practice lead to multiple injuries. At the end of the year when a few teams went to Florida for a nationwide competition, they were required to again pay an “all inclusive” price to the gym owner. Every other gym we contacted has the families pay the competition organizer directly. It was discovered the gym owner overcharged for everything from the flights (which were a 12 hour process from CA to FL), rooms, a team dinner (when upon contacting the restaurant directly, we were told the cost was $20 per person, yet the owner was charging $40 per person); all on top of already paying an additional “coaches fee” for this single competition. CheerXperience families paid roughly $1300 per family, other CA gyms going to the same competition paid much, much less. In addition to the many, many ripoffs of this facility, there are multiple complaint from athlete families. The owner, coaches & office manager repeatedly engage in bullying behavior – withholding water as punishment for not hitting stunts, forcing kids to run without access to water, threatening athletes to work through injuries or else be kicked off the team (in many instances causing further, significant injuries), profanities and insults being hurled at athletes as young as 8 years old, and significant gossiping about families to other families. It’s incredibly unprofessional. The owner and her family are known to refer to parents they don’t like as a “cancer” – a disgusting adjective and a complete insult to those who have suffered through the disease. They do all this behavior while hiding behind the veil of Jesus, adding further insult to those true Christians that would never treat people as these individuals do. Final lesson? DO YOUR RESEARCH and read as much as you can about this facility before signing a contract and supporting someone and something so vile. Yelp also has many, many negative reviews the owner had pushed to the “not recommended” area to avoid the reviews effecting her ranking. If you provide the product you promise with true business-like behavior, you won’t have to hide negative reviews to make yourself look better. .

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