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Published: 03 March 2020

Posted by: Nellej

A year ago I returned a book to Chegg that I had actually bought from another vendor. I realized this as soon as the shipment went out, so called Chegg customer service to ask that the book be returned to me. I spoke to three customer service reps (and I use the term loosely), who said that they would look into it. The book was never returned, nor did I receive credit. I let this go because how much time can one spend on repeat calls to the same company? I was willing to let it go, but I just received two emails from Chegg telling me that two other books, which I should not have returned to them were going to be considered as donations because I did not contact them within 30 days of receiving them. Here’s the thing: I screwed up on that. Frankly I didn’t realize that they had been Chegg purchases rather than rentals. However, why didn’t Chegg email me about my error immediately, letting me know that I had the option of having the books returned? They waited five months before alerting me that I could have requested a return within 30 days of sending the books to them. But here’s the thing: When I did alert them about a book, nothing was done to return the book or offer me credit. So I called Chegg. My customer service rep told me that there was nothing that could be done because too much time had passed. After a dissatisfying 10 minutes with him, I asked to speak to a supervisor. When “Jerry” came on, he told me that he could give me credit for the two books because they had waited so long to alert me. Just as I was asking about credit for the original book I had called about (which Chegg has had the opportunity to rent out twice), the line disconnected. I called back and of course could not get back to “Jerry.” My new customer service rep went to her supervisor fairly quickly, came back on the line to tell me about crediting my account, but somehow we were disconnected when I asked about my original book. I had given her my name and phone number, but I have not received a call from her. Frankly I’m fine with not receiving the Chegg credit because I will never rent another book from them. You shouldn’t either.

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