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The place has downgraded to an unbelievable extent now!

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Published: 05 May 2019

Posted by: Charles

I used to think that the world is not as selfish as it is portrayed by other people, however, after coming to Chehalem Dental, my whole perception changed. They made me realize that humans can do anything to satisfy their greed and hunger for money. I am writing this review because I just want to get this thing off my chest, not telling the world about the reality of Chehalem Dental will feel like a sin to me. And before you think that I’m just another “hater” or “the negative guy from the internet”, I want to clarify that I used to love this place, I was a regular there, but Chaehalem Dental has changed a lot and it has become one of the WORST oral health care centres in the area. I started going to Chehalem Dental in 2009 for getting my teeth cleaned and preventive dentistry. It was my favourite dental clinic and they performed exceptionally well, the staff was nice, the doctor was magnificent and the place was totally awesome. I moved to London in 2010 for education purposes and returned in 2018 November. I am really picky about my dentists and make sure that I go to the best one around. After returning from London, I knew that I was going to go to Chehalem Dental. I booked an appointment over the phone and went the next day. As soon as I entered the building I realized that it wasn’t the same place it was before! The floor was dirty, the front desk staff looked literally depressed and not only that, the dentist was the worst! Dr Ogle doesn’t know ANYTHING about oral stuff and he is definitely not as good as Dr Barnard (who was the owner when I used to come here back in 2009). They have increased their prices very much and their horrible pricing is backed by their pathetic performance. I came here for my usual preventive treatment. The hygienist was very forceful and didn’t really care about my comfort, the main dentist had some serious issues too. I could see the anxiety and frustration on his face. And to make things more disappointing, they charged me TWICE as much than normal. I preventive treatments on a regular basis and thus I know how much a regular one costs, Chehalem Dental is pathetic when it comes to billing. If you don’t have piles of cash lying around you waiting to be burnt, then please avoid this place, they are going to empty your pockets with their humongous medical bills. I don’t think that Chehalem Dental is going to run for much longer now, their depreciation of quality and results is so steep that people are not going to come here. I would recommend that you stay away from Chehalem Dental now. As I said before, it used to be my favourite place, however, the change of ownership has made it a lot worse and I will NEVER come back here.

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