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Published: 26 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On July 3, 2008 I was on vacation, traveling Southbound I 75 near Cahoun, GA when my 1996 Chevrolet Blazer “died” and I coasted to the road side. I sat there 30 minutes and it sputtered and started. I drove 10 miles and it “died”. After 15 minutes it again sputtered and started. I drove a short distance as again it “died” and I coasted into a turn-off into the rest stop near Calhoun, GA. Myself at age 79 and wife with at age 84 walked 300 yards to the rest stop’s main building. The operator of the rest stop was kind, using his own vehicle to push my car off the access road to the rest stop’s parking area. I called 911 and was referred to Affordable Towing, 706-625-400. I was referred to Cherokee… to where the car was towed The owner was made aware of my wife’s, age 84, Alzheimers condition, which to me indicated the urgency of a speedy repair. We sat in his hard back chairs WITHIN the shop for the next 4-5 hours. He began, without evidence of doing any diagnostics yrdyomh, stating that the problem could be any one or all of three separate problems (crank sensor, ignition coil, or “ig… module) with total possible estimated parts cost of +-$180. I had no choice because I knew of no other garage to turn, too. As the “unending” day progressed, I observed the owner with whom I was dealing…- walking to and fro within the building and out of the building, as well as, driving his own vehicle to and from the shop and apparently doing little if any direct work on my vehicle. Much of his time was consumed in talking others in and out of the shop area. Occasionally he would talk about getting parts, etc. – at around +-6:30PM he advised me that they were about to get my car finished. I walked to the hood of the car and watched a young man, his Nephew, doing repair work with him, the owner, advising him as to how to accomplish the task at hand. I never observed him, the owner, personally performing any work. – shortly thereafter he took the car for a test drive and came back saying everything worked fine and I was ready to go. His total charge was $288.90. I paid with a VISA Credit Card. The “Rapair Order (unprofessional) was nothing much more than scribbling. He gave me his business card so I could call IF and needed any further help. I then drove with my wife in “toe”, driving back +- 5 miles to the Rest Stop to pick up some papers I had left on a table. As I drove out the regress road from the Rest Stop, AGAIN, the car “died”. I called for him to come and he came with his own tow truck to pick us up and took us back to his shop. At this time he now offered the thought that the problem was alternator. I saw no evidence of him doing any diagnostic testing. . My son-in-law had talked with him earlier on the phone and told him he thought the problem was the alternator. He then advised me that he could not do any further work on the problem, that late evening or night, and that he was not going to work on the 4th of July because he had obligations to his wife and family for that day, that he did not work on Sundays and that the earliest he could finish working on the car was Monday July 7. At this time I felt that beyond a shadow of doubt I had and was being RIPPED OFF. Again, I knew of no other garage to turn, too. I then gave him permission to finish the work on Monday July 7 with him agreeing to give me credit for 2 of the parts (crank sensor and ig…module) He then drove us to the Jameson Inn. Also, he kindly said that he would not charge me for a tow charge. He possibly thought that was more than generous. At 5:30AM, July 4, 2008 I called my son of Jonesboro, GA to come and pick us up. We then rented a car at Avis Rental and proceeded on our weekend “vacation”. ……………. On Monday July 7, 2008 I could not get back to the shop until late, late that evening so I called. He stated that he had the car repaired, that he had test driven, and it was ready to go. Though he had utilized my credit card for the earlier charge, he did not have any way to do another charge without the card being in his possession. I agreed with him to leave the car outside the shop with the key and Repair Order under the floor mat. In turn I would leave a CHECK under the door of the shop for $185. I then KNEW (in my mind) that I had been RIPPED OFF. So I get in the car (late, late at night) to drive home to Tracy City, TN. The key was under the mat along with an UNPROFESSIONAL Repair Order wherein its scribbling was most difficult to read. I put my check for $185 under the front door. The car engine started with hesitation and had some difficulty in acceleration. Being TOTALLY exasperated I decided to drive on home. As I drove I observed erratic behavior of either the cruise, engine deceleration and/or engine RPMs. I did not know it would NOT totally disengage and let me come to a complete stop until I arrived at Kimball, TN. When I stopped at a red light to make a right turn, the only way I could stop was to BRAKE it to a stop. The engine did not want to idle. The engine then sputtered and died. At first it did not want to restart and a driver behind me got irritated and gave my car a shove from the rear. As I made the turn it sputtered and started. Then as I proceeded home I observed the cruise control refusing to disengage or the engine RPMS reducing for ANY reason. Again, as I pulled into my driveway to stop, the only way I could stop the car was to BRAKE it to a stop and turn the engine off . Following this, every time I started the car it sputtered and spit and took several seconds to accelerate from a stand still, after which the cruise refused to disengage or the car did not want to decelerate. The Lord only knows what ALL that was done under the hood of my car by Cherokee Auto Did the owner possibly expected a call for him to do further repair work. Thank goodness I am, now, over hundred miles away. There was no problem with the cruise control or engine idle prior to July 3 2008. I now am afraid to drive the car. Finally, I am filing a complaint with VISA division of Merrill Lynch, asking them to charge back to Cherokee Auto $288.90 for the credit card payment, plus to charge back the $185 check payment to Cherokee Auto for a total of $473.00. Because of this RIP OFF it also cost me additionally $331.50 for an Avis car rental, plus $80 for one night at Jameson Inn. Total cost to date is $855.40 with no end in sight. A local Chevrolet Dealer wants $79 to perform diagnostic testing to determine the UNCORRECTED problem that began on July 3. I have not obtained an estimate as to their repair cost. If and when I am reimbursed by Cherokee Auto… or by Merrill Lynch a total of $473.00 I will report that this RIPOFF complaint has been satisfactorily concluded. I am mailing a copy of this complaint directly to Cherokee Auto… Pops Tracy City, TennesseeU.S.A.

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