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Published: 21 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

on july 18, 2007 me and my girl-friend went to cherry hill triplex to purchase a new car and get out of my old car that i had. when we 1st got to cherry hill tri-plex they treated us very well(i guess because of our credit score).It took awhile for me to pick the car i wanted i finally did.Then we went through the whole thing of how much for the car and how much down payment, and finally how much for my TRADE…..This is where the drama just begins.Now we go through the whole senerio of purchasing a car, and i told them that my trade in was with my soon to be ex-wife.Nowthey knew all this and alll they said was she had to come and sign power of attorney to realease car to me so i can trade it in.So they take my car to get it appraised, they come back and tell me, ok they’ll pay-off my car and trade it once she comes and sign the paper.Ok kewl no problem..So to make loooong story short that day we couldnt get in touch with my ex to sign the paper, so they say ok we’ll let you take the car home and when she comes in and signs the paper we’l finish the paper work.So i got my temp-tag on the 18th of july, and it expires on 7th of august.So by the time the 7th comes my ex hasnt sign the paper and they’re telling me, hey look ya dont need the trade-in to make this deal go through.So i say give me a couple of more days let ,e see if i can get her up here so she can sign the paper so i get out this loan cause im not paying for two cars.So finally she doesnt sign the paper and she wants the car to do whatever with so i go to cherrry hill triplex to sign my final paper work, and when we go to the back after waiting almost a hour, we sit back ther with the financial Mananger Nick, and he trying to speed us through the paper.(i guess just to get a sale),but while we are signing and being rush i see on our paperwork that the car that i was suppose to be trading in is on this paper staing that it was going to be paid off.And at that time i ask NICK(Mr. trying to fast-talker)what this right here about my trade.Oh he said “Yeah this is for your trade your 2000 dodge we gonna send the check off CERTIFIED mail next day”, i you sure he said yes call the following monday to make sure it goes through and if it doesn’t call us and we wil see whats wrong….YEEAH RIGHT.So we sign the paper on 7th of august so on the following monday the 13 i called capital One where they was suppose to send the money and it wasnt paid off, so right away i call Cherry Hill Tri-plex.Now they are saying nah it was suppose to be traded because she didnt sign the paper,so i said ok fine, BUT wht did NICK have us sign paper-work stating the you guys there trying to say the dont remember that and sont have the paperwork stating it.So i said let me call you back and call Capital One again to see if it was a mistake,i did and it wasn’t.To make a long story short because i know u have read many thing about this place.Now these games of where the money is and paperwork goes on for weeks,now capital One is calling asking wher the money is or where the car is,now its getting serious.So then i finally after many trips and phone calls i sitt down with the gm of finance Rick Brookstein, now he telling me more lyies sayin theres now paper work saying that, and im telling them i have the paperwork.And now heres the BIG thing they don’t know where the car is..They have no record ofme bringing it in ,and trying to say that my ex came and took it from the car place at night or sumtime during the day..Now its the 26th of Sept and no car has been found,i’ve have contacted the police makin a statement stating car was last in the hands of the car dealership.And its missing.Now i gotta deal with the old loan people asking for there money, and with SNEAKY a*s cherry hill triplex to find the car.I fi would have known what kinda business they ran i would have styed away from them FAR AWAY.Please help get redemption on them for stealing my car.Whoever reads this stay away from Cherry Hill Triplex dont do business with them.. steve absecon, New JerseyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Chevy Dealers and Products

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