Cherry Hill Triplex Dodge

Cherry Hill Triplex Dodge

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Published: 21 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

when i went into dodge to return the car i was paying for and couldnt afford anymore. they said they would help me. they used my neon dodge in order for me to get a new car that was cheaper and use my car as a trade in so they said. later i found cards left at all addresses that i have been to from a repo man. the chrysler financial service that i use to pay the loan to kept calling me my daughter and my 79 year old mother asking for there money and were the car was that was the neon. chrysler called i called and my daughter who the car was for in the first place who i cosigned for requesting there money that was still owed. i called dodge constantly and they never would respond and the last time i spoke with them they said they had fourteen days and they were going to take care of it. they said it was by law. during that time they didn’t pay the lied to chrysler the man who repoed the car even tho he had nothing to do with it. but he did tell me that dodge does that to alot of people and they end up spending more money hiring an attorney. when i was at triplex i told them im on ssi disability and that i could not do this to myself and hire an attorney to fight for me. and that they were putting me under alot of stress and emotional stress and i couldn’t take it anymore. again they were going to take care of it and they said that this was a formality. i gave them the neon around the end of march they inturn gave me another car but said because my credit was bad do to other things that i needed a cosigner. so my mother said she would cosign. i went in one day and they had me fill out all the forms for buying a car. and they gave me a car. that was suppose to be under 300 dollars a month. then i recieved a call stating my mom had to come in and sign papers aswell. she did. but the price had changed and since i already gave them my car i was stuck, they didn’t tell me i could change my mind or had so many days. i didnt learn that until after the fact when i called chrysler back to see if dodge paid them. they told me i needed to hire an attorney. i couldn’t afford one. i just was told about this site and it is now june. and they said that maybe you could help me. it has put me in a terrible position and i dont know what to do. like i said im on ssi disability and i told them from the beginning and they did all they could do to minipulate me and my mother so they could make a sale. am very upset and dont know what to do. i have tried to ask attorneys for free consultation but nobody wants to deal with it. they ripoffed me and lied and took advantage of someone who was very desperate at the time. Yasmine Runnemede, New JerseyU.S.A.

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