Cheryl L Bailey

Cheryl L Bailey

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Published: 07 February 2021

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My areas of expertise are grief, loss and trauma resolution. With warmth and compassion, I work with people with the goal of not only coping, but moving toward emotional healing, spiritual growth and transformation. Grief is a normal response to loss in a world where everything is impermanent. Consequently we all experience multiple losses and traumas both large and small throughout our lives. But many of us have not had the opportunities or support to work through them and end up carrying that pain and/or finding less than healthy ways of dealing with it.There is increasing evidence that unresolved trauma and loss can fuel addiction, self-destructive behavior, somatic problems and other issues. Losses and trauma that occur in childhood and adolescence often fuel difficulties later in life with relationships, self-esteem issues, feelings of shame, addictions, and depression or anxiety.I have worked extensively with people grieving losses as a result of death from suicide, murder, homicide, terrorist attacks, accidents and illnesses as well as grief from divorce, abandonment, multiple losses, conflicted relationships, pet loss, loss of cherished dreams and a multitude of other losses.

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