Chesterfield Dentistry

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Doctors here ruined my smile!

Please, never go there for any dental work, they are going to make matter worse and in my experience, they can even do some permanent damage to your teeth. I had a very unfortunate experience here at Chesterfield Dentistry and today I’m going to be sharing it with all of you. But before I do, I want to clarify that I haven’t posted much content online and this is one of my first posts ever, so I would like to apologize in advance for any rookie mistake. Being a 60-year-old guy from the States, I don’t know much about tech. But anyways let’s continue with the review. I visited Chesterfield Dentistry because I was feeling some pain in right molar teeth, the pain was not very significant, but I didn’t want to risk having a mouth cancer or anything like that. The doctors at Chesterfield Dentistry told me that I had 2 cavities in my teeth and I should get them fixed by a simple root canal. I haven’t had any root canals my whole life, moreover, I brushed every single day two times, so I was a little shocked to hear that I had cavities in my teeth. And to add to my doubt, I couldn’t see any visible darkness or rot in my teeth as well. But instead of questioning the doc’s diagnosis I decided to go on with it, after all, he was the professional. I paid around $500 for the root canal and said goodbye to the doctor. I didn’t even have a dental insurance plan at that time and I paid the full amount in cash. I was feeling well, however, one day I started feeling severe pain on the same teeth and this time it was totally unbearable, the pain spiked with each step I took, I couldn’t walk without crying from pain. My son called an ambulance and we went to the emergency, where the doctor told me that the recent root canals that I have had, are totally unnecessary. I asked him why they were causing pain, so he told me that the dentist left a small piece of a needle in one of the fillings and that was causing all the pain. He advised me never to go to Chesterfield Dentistry ever again. I didn’t go to the dentist to confront him, but after that horrible experience, all I can advise you to do is to stay away from Chesterfield Dentistry if you want a healthy set of teeth. Those guys are very greedy and they will do anything for getting money out of your pockets. Please stay away from them; I can’t express the amount of pain I felt that day. The doctor at the emergency room told me that he has treated 4 other patients who faced a similar issue and they went to Chesterfield Dentistry as well. I don’t know if the dentist’s at Chesterfield Dentistry are forced to do a bad job or not, but that place is certainly NOT SAFE.

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