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Published: 10 October 2018

Posted by: vticeman

I too had a poor experience with Chet Holmes. I actually attended a webinar Jan 5, 2009 with Ted Miller and requested a refund. I thought the webinar was reasonable, but it went much longer than advertised and I could not received the full webinar. I was not worried as it was carefully explained to me my card would not be charged until after the webinar. I would be contacted after the webinar to be certain I was fully satisfied, and then and only then would my card be charged. I had planned to explain at that point the issue and attempt to reschedule in a few weeks when I would return to the office. The problem is that you are requesting a refund from another organization; across america. I dealt with Debbie Hodges. They probably are on a commission. Every time I requested a refund, the reply was always ‘see cancellation policy’. I understand the cancellation policy. I attended. Everyone agrees to that. I continue to request refund and am continually told cancellation violation. It is certainly less than candid. In hind sight, I should have been cautious as the individual who signed me, Michael Rubin, up had a yahoo email address, not a Chet Holmes account. I do believe if anyone in the Chet Holmes company knew of the poor treatment I have received from across america, they would be mortified. Chet Holmes is in the business of consultation, a non-tangible product, your honesty and integrity are your most important assets. At this point it is purely the principal, not the $199. I bought the book and liked it so much I bought several more for all my salespeople to read. I then bought the audio book. I was considering future consulting efforts with Chet Holmes, but after this ordeal, I’m not sure. Ted, if you can help please submit a phone number and direct extension and perhaps a contact at Chet Holmes. In hindsight perhaps I should have contacted you first.

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