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Chet Simons Auto

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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We went there because we didn’t have much of an option and my dad knew the people who worked there and grew up with the owner. The first incident we gave them 450 plus the first payment of 100. So we ended up paying 450 down and then 100 for the payment. Three (3) yes 3 weeks after getting the car the engine was blown. I was stranded in a car with a child. I called him and he had it towed to the shop and said they would take a look at it you know since its financed through them. Well days go by and I hear nothing in the meantime Im on the verge of losing my job because they didnt have time to look at it. He told me if his mechanic could fix it for a few hundred he would. If not he would work with me on getting another car. Well a week went by and i call and he finally says well the engine is blown and I aint fixing it. I said well I have a loan on this through you and he said were going to cancel that out and you bring me another down payment and I will get you into a car and take the money you paid on the other car off of a new one. Well guess what. Now second incident, ————>I took him 600 down this time. He put me in a car and guess what not even 10 days later this one blows. So what am I too do I have to have a car, So I called him and asked him to defer the 2 week payment because Im spending another 500 plus parts to get this car fixed. He says ok. When I asked him if he needed receipts he says no just come in and pay in a few weeks. He said I believe you and I ((((((((((((I already knew))))) that the head gaskets were Blown. Ok if he already knew by law doesnt he have to tell us upon purchasing the car? Oh After I gave him the down payment plus payment/I ask him what are we taking off for the other car and he says oh nothing because i lost on it too. Then He bluntly says too me this is a used car business. Sometimes you buy a used car and it runs 5 days, 10 days, 2 months, 3, months, 6 months and so on. If it runs for a few years then youre lucky. He says thats what you get with a used car. I wish like h*** I would have asked him this before I signed the contract and handed him my money. Before trying to put us in this one he had me test drive a car that for one had no gas had to go to the gas station just to test it. Came back took it on the high way and it started smoking and overheated, the brakes were going out. Mind you my 3 y/o daughter was in the car. Is this man trying to kill us in one of his death trap cars. This is what it seems to me. So we test drove this one it seemed fine till the 3rd day we got it home and the problems started. By the time I spent 1500 plus the labor and parts on this new one which was 500 plus parts of 200. So rounded up to 2200, I could have bought a car from someone else who at least you have 30 days to return the car and get your money back. So the last car was returned to this guy in 28 days and this car is now 10 days in and this problem. So what can you do. I would like all the money I spent back and the lies I was told apologized for. This is so unethical. I wished I would have saved and saved and saved to get something instead of dealing with this rip off. If it wasnt for me needing to get to and from work I would have gave this car back and filed a small claims law suit to get my 2200 back plus loss of work. I just will never trust a used car lot. This one is so unethical and so low down. I wonder if there are any more people out here who have had a problem with these people. Please if anyone has experienced a problem with Chet Simmons or Simons please contact me. I just know if he would treat someone he has known his whole life and grew up with like this, I wonder how he treat others. Where is the pride and dignity in businesses anymore? Where has the respect and loyalty gone? Were ethics taught back then? I know I sound mean but anyone in my shoes would too. Anyone else would be very angry which I am but what am I to DO? Is there some kind of law helping people with this this there something that can be done? Im clueless. I dont know where to go what to do who to contact. Is this even legal to do to people especially when your financing a car. I dont know Help someone please.

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