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Chevrolet - General Motors - Power Chevrolet Irvine

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Published: 24 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Disclaimer:Any wrong-doing in this entire document is alleged just as UFO’s do not exist Power Chevrolet-Irvine is located just off the 405 at the Bake Parkway Exit in the Irvine Auto Center (21 Auto Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618) (949) 768-7222 Fax (949) 830-6853 I purchased my brand new $41,000.00 Chevy Z71 1500 from Power Chevrolet of Irvine and asked this dealership, If they could refer me to a reputable 4×4 place. My sales representative stated that all their truck lifts were installed at 4×4 Parts Wholesalers of Irvine, neglecting to tell me that they had an, Unsatisfactory Performance Record for failing to answer consumer complaints and the following below: *Delivery Issues *Difficulty Obtaining Refunds *Overcharging *Poor Installation *Poor Customer Service *Billing Disputes *Failure to Deliver Ordered Merchandise /Missing Items/ Incorrect Items A Company Reliability Report on 4WP can be obtained at I sent complaint letters regarding 4 Wheel Parts improper installation, odometer fraud, parts fraud, and major factory warranty fraud. Only a small part of the story along with photos can be reviewed at the following site . On one occasion while servicing my vehicle at Power Chevrolet of Irvine an issue over my vehicle developed over the telephone between the manager of 4 Wheel Parts and Mr. Smith to the point just short of profanity. This opened the flood-gates of inside/detailed information regarding parts transactions between the dealership and 4 Wheel Parts. In a year, 4 Wheel Parts had purchased hundreds of 1500 series Idler Arms and installed them on lifted/modified trucks with larger wheels and tires stating to customers that they were Heavy Duty charging a total of $291.00. These factory/stock, Idler Arms began to fail under these conditions non-standard conditions at about 6,000 to 9,000 miles. I know very well because I am a victim of this scam. 4WP would replace the worn out units, then state to the dealership that these parts were installed on factory/stock trucks and obtain credit for them. Mr. Smith stated, I realized what they were doing with these parts and I no longer accepted returns. I ended up filing complaints with the District Attorneys Office Consumer Protection Division, BBB, and the State Agency Bureau of Automotive Repair regarding all the above issues. I recently reviewed legal documentation, which revealed that staff from this dealership immediately sent my letters of complaints directly to 4 Wheel Parts, writing down specifically everyone’s name who had read them directly onto the documents themselves. (wow). I took a guess when the main supervisor of the State Agency Bureau of Automotive Repair would be visiting the dealership in order to conduct his FRAUD Investigation. I faxed a letter to Mr. Smith stating that his dealership had done nothing wrong in the substantial damages inflicted upon my vehicle and I wished for him to cooperate fully with the B.A.R. investigation. Mr. Smith had lost his integrity and dishonorably attempted to discredit me to the B.A.R. investigator upon his initial contact. The B.A.R. investigator simply put up his hand and stated, I don’t need any of that, I’m here to conduct an investigation. The investigator of the B.A.R audited a full years worth of sales records between the dealership and 4 Wheel Parts. As I review additional legal documents and subpoenas of 4 Wheel Parts, Mr. Smith also shamefully turned around and sent 4 Wheel Parts the letter asking him to cooperate with the B.A.R. investigation. Even though 4 Wheel Parts has an, Unsatisfactory Performance Record with the BBB one being Improper Installation, Power Chevrolet of Irvine continued to send their brand new trucks to 4 Wheel Parts for lifts kits, wheels & tires. I have personally have gone to over two dozen dealerships all over Southern, California pretending to shop for a new truck. When I ask General Managers where their, Aftermarket Lifts are done, they have replied to me, We now do them in house. Didn’t you do them at 4 Wheel Parts? GM, Yes, but the were inconsistent with there work, they would do good work one time and lousy the otherwe can’t have that in our business. Others have said, We have stopped using them over a year ago because they were more focused on pushing product instead of focusing on quality, we will never use them again. Power Chevrolet of Irvine shamefully still sends their new trucks to 4 Wheel Parts to maybe be butchered and charges consumers this obscene sticker amount. Jimmy IRVINE, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Chevy Dealers and Products

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