Chicago Marketing, Inc.

Chicago Marketing, Inc.

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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Where to even begin. The CEO Jacob Cline & His Fiance, Sophia O’Leary, Who is the “HR Manager” (unqualified, unprofessional, has zero class & got her degree from Devry) are all out for themselves. | They profit all the income and do not pay their employees properly. If you are in sales you will be working 6 days a week including weekends and get paid only $10.00 an hourly + commission selling direct tv. | If you are in the home office you will easily work about 60-65 hour weeks and when you do the math you are getting paid at a base salary that is extremely low with no overtime, bonuses or incentives. They treat their employees like slaves, do not show any appreciation. | Do not let the social media fool you. They do “team nights” or “dinners” just for social media purposes to take pictures and act like they actually care. It is all a complete scheme to appeal to potnetial employees inviting them to think that this is a well rounded, friendly enviroment for one to work in. | The “HR Manager” brags about how much her car is, her house, her clothes, how much money her and the CEO make. She pushes her wealth in your face and belittles you. She on numerous ocassions has made fun of other employees, malcious gossips about the girls from different offices and has made numerous crude marks in front of her employees who work for her. She will purposely find a way to fire you if she feels threatened by you, she has fired numerous girls before for ridiculous reasons just so she can look like the “Star Employee” in the office. | The CEO is just as spineless and mean as her. He wll yell at employees in front of others. Make rude remarks, make fun of others and degrade their intelligence level. He bullies others & is often at times not very pleasant to be around. | Overall just not nice people to do buisness with or to work for.

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