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Published: 16 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My grandkids were taking into custody by Child Protective Services (CPS) on 01/28/15 and therefore, removed from the care of my daughter (Ashley Michelle Singh, DOB . At the time, my daughter was living with her boyfriend and his sister and our relationship was strained. When I became aware of the situation, I confronted my daughter who told me that the children were taken while at the daycare due to there being a suspicion of child abuse with the eldest child, Sabastian Eloris Ramirez . She also informed me that both Sabastian and his younger brother, Anthony Isaiah Ramirez were both taken despite there only being a suspicion of abuse with the eldest child. My daughter informed me that she spoke with her CPS Case Manager, Kimberly Moore, to whom this complaint is being filed about. My daughter said that she told Kimberly that she would “like to give me temporary custody of the children”. Acting as a concerned grandmother with the hopes of maybe being reunited with my grandchildren, I placed it upon myself to call my daughter’s CPS Case Manager. I contacted Kimberly, the Case Manager, at 602-771-0488 on 2/12/15 at approximately 5:00pm. As soon as I spoke to Kimberly, I could tell that she was not willing to help me at all with this situation. She refused to acknowledge what my daughter requested and she refused to even discuss any information about the case with me. Kimberly then insulted me and even stated “I will make sure that you will not get custody of those kids”. After Kimberly spoke with me, she then proceeded to call my daughter and say “Your mother will not get custody”. My daughter would be able to testify to this for evidence of my mistreatment. As a CPS Case Manager, Kimberly is denying me of my rights and is not doing what is best for the children, who should be with their grandmother, in a safe and familiar home. This complete negligence and avoidance of my rights is intolerable. I feel hopeless especially since all I want to do is make sure that my grandchildren are safe. I want the ability to be treated with respect and dignity and be provided the rights that I am entitled to. This issue needs to be addressed and a new, compassionate CPS Case Manager needs to be assigned. Lastly, I would like to be considered for temporary custody of my grandchildren while my daughter’s case is being evaluated. .

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