Children's Dental Centre of Irving

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Can go to any extent for cheating their customers!

The dental care of children is an extremely delicate and important aspect of healthcare that needs a lot of attention. Since it deals with children, the dentists operating in these Healthcare centres need to be extra cautious. Children’s Dental Centre of Irving is one such clinic which has been operational for a long time in in the state. It is located at 8870 N MacArthur Blvd Ste A-101. The clinic does a lot of advertisement on the internet. The website says a lot of good things about the services provided in the clinic which allures customers into visiting it.

I took my 5-year-old nephew for a pain in his molars which lasted for a few days. The system of operations in the clinic is extremely unprofessional as no records are maintained regarding the chronology of arrival and people are let into the dentist\’s chamber randomly. I had to wait for a good two hours before being allowed to see the dentist. The receptionist was also rude and hardly answered queries.

The dentist who attended to my nephew was also ill-mannered and spoke in a manner that made the child nervous. He was so averse to the dentist that he wanted to leave at once and started crying. However, I ultimately persuaded him to stay and undergo the treatment.

We were informed that my nephew had multiple cavities which needed refilling at once. The prices for refilling was also very high as compared to other dental clinics. Since he did not have any past record of dental cavities, this came as a surprise to me. I decided not to go ahead with it and later consulted another dentist. I was then informed that my nephew did not need refilling at all.

Stay aware of all these fraudulent clinics who are only in it for the money!

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