Children’s Happy Teeth, Lakewood

Negligent dentist. Unsafe for kids.

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Published: 02 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My 7-year-old son recently told me that his tooth hurt whenever he ate food or drank anything too hot or cold. I assumed that it was a problem of sensitivity. The very first thing I did was the search for prolific and reputed child dentistry clinics near my place. Only the names of a few places came up and one of them was Children’s Happy Teeth, Lakewood. I saw several reviews of the place and most of them were positive reviews. Whatever doubt I had in my mind vanished and I did not waste any further in scheduling an appointment. The date after a period of five days from that day was given to me.
I reached the place that day and saw that a lot of parents were there with their kids. There was a lot of shouting and screaming but since the place was full of kids who were in some kind of pain or another, I had no option but to sit there with my kid. Before I was called in, a parent and his kid came out and the parent looked pretty frustrated. I went in and the doctor told me to sit aside. He strapped my son’s arms to the chair. Then he went ahead and asked me about the problem he was facing. I told him all about the sensitivity problem. After listening to me, he took out an instrument that held open the mouth of my son. After placing it, he poked his fingers and checked out each tooth. I wanted to tell him to be a bit careful as my son had told me that it hurt badly when he touched his teeth. Before I could tell, he had already poked my son’s teeth and I could see his angst. I pleaded the doctor not to do it again. He mocked me for being so weak. I prayed for the session to get over as soon as possible. After this, he pointed a torch and looked at the insides of my son’s mouth. When this was done, he unstrapped my son and he came running to me. When he started crying, he was shouted at by the doctor. I had to interrupt him and tell him not to be so rude. After this, he wrote some names on his prescription pad and told me to buy the listed items. I looked at it and the names of a specific toothpaste and a mouth wash were written. For this, I was charged a lot of money. I walked out of there with my son and vowed never to visit that place again.
The place is not good for your kids. The doctor does not possess a shred of humanity in him. He had applied the strap so tightly around my son’s arms that it had left a mark. The doctor does not know a thing about how to handle children as he made sure to scare my son by shouting at him. I do not want anyone to make the same mistake I did. My advice is – No matter what, stay as far away from this place as possible.

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