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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Met on reputable dating site, She was a Filipino domestic worker using the name Amanda Rivera, working in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Told me that her domestic helper 2 year visa was ending and she wanted to come to the United States on tourist visa to get to know me and eventually marry then change her visa status remaining in the USA. She introduced me to a alleged reputalble travel agency that had a website, physical address and phone numbers, she said she used them before. Travel agency instructed me to send them $1970.00 for round trip air travel from China to Chicago for the girl and the visa application fee they charged. After they received my money they contacted me again claiming I now needed to send them $7,900.00 so the girl could prove she could support herself in the USA for the one year term of the tourist visa. After they received this money they claimed to have an interview at US embassy in China. The they claimed her visa was denied because she needed $12,000 not $7,900. She called me crying, begging me to send more money and if I truely loved her I would send the money now so we could be together. I refused to send anymore money to them and requested all my money back on multile occasions. All were ignored. She led me to believe that the relationship I had with her was real, we talked of future plans, school for her, planning out our future life together, children. She made me believe that it was meant to be and God brought us together at this fortunate time etc… When I failed to produce more money she would argue that if I really loved her I would make it happen and promising me that I would get the money back after the visa was approved. Through the entire relationship, she claimed she could not video chat because her employer would not allow that on her computer and that China had strict rules not allowing video chatting in the country. The only communication between us was emails and phone calls. Eventually they stopped replying to emails and phone calls when I would not send more money and never refunded any money to me.

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