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Published: 06 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In order to star my new business of selling electric scooters I purchased a container of what I thought would be new electric scooters, e-bikes and spare part (22 scooters) (2% spare parts) from When my scooters finally arrived I found defects in the vehicles and spare parts and discrepancies in my agreed upon purchased order. I contacted to let them know I did not receive the several scooters.All the 3 wheel scooters were defective and dont work and were damaged before shipmenting. All of the battery chargers for the scooters caught on fire immediately after I plugged them in. I did not receive 2% of my order in spare parts. I received a Segway that I had not ordered. Custom safety parts that came with the scooters were missing and were not installed at the factory. I clearly described the defects and problem with my order and I requested that they address the issues with their products and I hoped that they would resolve my issues with due diligence, correct, compensate, reimburse or refund me for my money.I had hoped they would honor the factory warranties. I received several statements stating that the matter would be looked into and that some discrepancies would be taken care of immediately.They stopped communicating with me and they did not honor their statements. After I realized that my issues were not being taken seriously. I was forced to take action and file grievous complaints of unfair business practices against them.I filed complaints with the BBB,, FTC, FBI and the Consumer Product Safety Commission because of the battery chargers catching on fire and the mobility scooters didn’t have the safety bars installed on them to keep them from flipping over.After the complaints with these agencies Made-In-China and contacted me stating that they would again address the matter immediately. I got lots of emails about what to do to repair the scooters and promises to refund money and send parts and replacement scooters “If I removed the complaints against their companies that filed.” I agree; so I went about requesting cancellation of my complaints.Then they stopped emailing me again and shut off all means of me contacting them. I have not received any contact from them since. I got ripped off for over $17,000 for the scooters, another $5000 for spare parts I had to purchase to repair them.These guys caused me to become bankrupted before I could open my business doors. The scooters are so defective I cant sale them with good conscious because I cant guarantee their safety or reliability. has blocked me from emailing them, phoning them and faxing them. I refiled my original complaints but I am at a lost to what else I can do to get at least some of my money back.

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