ChiroSecure is a big FINANCIAL SCAM!!!

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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: eric

ChiroSecure claims to give you malpractice insurance and business coverage insurance. They provide you with insurance but their terms and conditions are so shady that all your money will go in vain. You’ll think that you’re paying them so the money will help you at desperate times. But you’ll never get the money you pay them. They are financial criminals who dupe chiropractors. They claim to help you and stand by your side but they never do.

I had gotten their malpractice insurance. But when I got sued by an angry patient, I had to pay the damages and everything by my pocket. Why? Because the lawsuit the patient had filed wasn’t COVERED! What the hell?! They never told me that they don’t cover all the lawsuits. They kept it from me and when the time came they simply told me that it’s not covered in the insurance.

I contacted them later and asked them what kind of lawsuits they cover. Because their tricky terms and conditions had cost me thousands of dollars in damages. Well, they game some vague answers and told me that they cover many kinds of malpractice claims. I didn’t believe them and contacted them to cancel my insurance and issue me a refund.

They didn’t issue me a proper refund. They only returned me around 30 to 40% of the total amount I had paid them. Oh and also, their staff told me that ‘I would regret this decision’. What kind of language is that?

I had paid them thousands of dollars as the insurance premium. But what I got? Nothing. Instead, I lost most of the money I had paid them apart from the damages I had to pay in the malpractice suit.

My experience with ChiroSecure has been pathetic. And that’s why I suggest staying away from these people. You’ll be safer and more insured if you don’t get their insurance. At least you’d have your money with yourself. These guys took my money and didn’t even help me when the time came. I know you won’t be facing malpractice claims every day but one gets such insurance only for extreme cases.

And when you don’t get what you asked for, it really causes a lot of resentment and frustration. They caused me huge financial losses and I regret my decision to get their insurance in the first place. I also know that many of you are going to fall prey to these financial scammers. They have a professional-looking website and they spend a lot of effort into marketing their useless service.

That’s a big reason I fell prey to these guys. And I know you can fall for these guys too. That’s why I shared my experience with ChiroSecure. You can read their blog articles but getting their insurance would be a big professional mistake. It would be better if you maintained a distance from these guys.

I lost thousands of dollars and I hope no other professional has to face such problems. I hope my review has been helpful.

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