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Published: 13 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I do not know how Instant Checkmate got my credit card number, but it was not from me–at least not for THIS service. Due to our very poor health, our age, our location, and our small, fixed income, my wife and I do most of our shopping for non-perishables on the internet, and we do use one service to upload photos and exchange music with our kids in New Hampshire on–Rapid Gator. For months, I thought that this charge was for Rapid Gator, and I was beginning to wonder why RG was charging me every month. When I received my Visa bill today with a very clear charge from Rapid Gator and TWO CHARGES from InsChkMate, I nearly had a coronary! I have never heard of this company before, and I am astonished to discover that I am being charged over $21.00 per month for background information on US citizens and residents. Why would a sick old Irishman who is living below the poverty line need to do that?. Today, sheerly by accident, I discovered that I have been systematically defrauded of pension money by a US company that does background checks–especially on people who write checks. Well, I am a disabled Irishman who lives rurally in Co Kerry Ireland with my dear wife, who is terminally ill and whose medication costs are no longer covered by our National Health, so we are becoming poorer by the day. I thought I was being charged these past months for RapidGator, a service I share with our grown children in New Hampshire–they pay for half of it, so we can post photos privately. We do not want pictures of our little grandchildren on websites like Facebook, Picassa, Flickr, or anywhere else that some pedophile could google such pictures. My dying wife was the victim of a pedophile, so we know this does happen, and the consequences last forever. Had “CHKMATE*INSTANTCHECKMATE” not charged me two times on my current statement, and had I not also been billed by Rapidgator on this same bill, I would not have known I was being ripped off. Irish banks are terrible about credit card fraud, but then Irish banks have recently ripped off the citizens of Ireland by $10,000,000,000,000! In other words, our banks do not care. But our courts do care about internet fraud and we have tough consumer laws. I have demanded my money back from CHKMATE*INSTANTCHECKMATE, and I will take them to Small Claims Court, which I can do for an amount up to 2,000 Euros. Had I not had my wife check these charges today, I would not have known for some while how deviously and heartlessly I have been ripped off. I never gave my permission to CHKMATE to bill my Visa, and I am the only person authorized to make charges–my wife is bedridden, so she is NOT on the account. Why, I ask you, would an old, sick, retired couple in Ireland need a U.S. service that verifies checks written on U.S. bank accounts? I do not have a business, and my wife certainly does not. Neither one of us knows how to create a website, and we have nothing to sell, so we receive no checks from the U.S.A. This case is one of blatant fraud that is patentlly obvious for anyone to see. I hope this company here can do some good for us. Thank you!



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