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Chocolatta Dolls

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The owner, Ryan Fuller, will do anything to avoid bad reviews, claiming the businesses online and then changing the names of the businesses. Chocolatta Dolls is (I want a ragdoll) I have had nothing but a horrible experience from this breeder. If you enjoy being yelled at, berated, and hung up on, you’ll love any conflict resolution he might employ with your transaction. I paid in full for a cat to hold in time for Christmas. Turns out he didn’t have the color I wanted that would be ready for Christmas, within 24 hours of me paying for the cat I simply asked for a refund. The guy refused to give me my money back and blocked my phone number and wouldn’t communicate with me any further. Who takes $850 and and says sorry, I’m not talking to you anymore? Who does this? I had to challenge the charge with my bank and Paypal just to get this guy to talk with me, because thankfully, they froze his funds. To thwart his irrational behavior I opted to talk this guy down from the ledge and deal with him to pick a cat that would be ready in January instead. It wasn’t ideal, but I was willing to do that since he was being a total a*s about giving me my money back. Fast forward a month after the transaction, he fails to communicate with the bank who is now opted to refund my money because shockingly, he doesn’t answer the calls from the bank asking for his side of the story, they returned my money. I tell him, I still want the cat, I’ll pay for the cat, he agrees, we set a date to pickup the cat. The day arrives, and my daughter is ecstatic to finally get her cat, he decides now he’s not going to meet us to give us the cat. NOW he’s going to refund all my money instead. WTF?! I tried desperately to work with him, even being nice to him, when he didn’t deserve to be treated nicely with how he talked to me and handled this whole thing, he was a total a** about EVERYTHING in this transaction. In the end I’m getting all my money back, but the stress, the difficulty and the sheer amount of BS he will put you through is not WORTH it for one second. I’ll never get all those hours back of my life, I spent wasting my time and energy on this bafoon. He is UNPROFESSIONAL beyond reason. NOW 1 month and half later my 6 year old daughter is heartbroken because of this guy. Here’s the kicker, after I found another breeder in Houston, talking with her on the phone I told her we were supposed to pick up a cat today but the breeder was exceptionally awful to deal with and now it wasn’t happening, she asked me who it was, all I said was “a guy in College Station” to which she immediately chimed, is it “Ryan Fuller?” I said “why yes it was.” She had plenty of similar stories to tell of clients coming to her after being screwed by this guy. It’s sad. Really sad. People need to speak up and review unethical people like this. Don’t let them do it to another person.

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