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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a 2008 Kia Rio on April 9 2018 from Terry at Choice Auto Sales after a friend of mine referred me to this company when it was known as JD Byrider. A quick google search for Choice Auto Sales Delray Beach will pull this information up as it shows JD Byrider as the company. They even have the same sales people, phone number, and contact information. The only thing different is their website which is now a crappy drag and click site instead of a more professional page. That’s truly neither here nor there.The car was sold for $11,000 and we decided on a 3 year contract instead of a 6 year loan. I was to be making payments of $170 bi-monthly. I was told that the car had an 18 month 18,000 mile warranty that covered everything but basic mantainence such as windshield wipers, tires etc.Not even a month later, the car’s AC died and I was told by Terry “there’s nothing we can do to help you” and was hung up on when I brought up the supposed warranty.Not even 10 days after that one of my car’s engine coils burnt out… The answer from Terry was the same “there’s nothing we can do to help you” and dead air when he hung up on me. I fixed the engine coil out of my own pocket.4 months ago 4 of my engine coils burnt out. The answer from Terry was, again, the same. At that point in time I did not replace the coils until the rest of them burnt out not even two weeks ago. I’d had it then. I had the coils completely replaced only to see the rest of my car break down to the point where it would run but at a max speed of 15 MPH. Terry, however, was Hell bent on riding me for my payment and would quickly hang up if I brought up the warranty or the fact that the car was now sitting at the Coral Springs Auto Mall Kia repair shop.The diagnosis? The Oil filters had never been changed, there was sludge in my intake, my catalytic converters were not only fried but the honey combs had been busted out.All of this was discovered after having the coils replaced, the sludge cleaned out, and god only knows what else only to have the car to break down on them during a test drive in which they then discovered the busted catalytic converters and the bad 02 sensor.So basically instead of taking my Kia in to have it completely repaired under it’s still present Emissions Warranty, they busted out the honey combs themselves, didn’t clean the engine, did a quick patch and fix job, and sold my car for $6,000 over Kelley Blue Book value!Now they’re refusing to repay me the $700 I’ve spent out of pocket to fix this car or acknowledge the fact that because of the car breaking down I’ve lost my job due to having to A.) crawl into work 45 minutes late with a car that wouldn’t go over 10 MPH and B.) having to call out of work altogether to deal with this mess due to lack of transportation. They’re refusing to replace the car, and have since put it out on their repo list for missing ONE $170 payment the same week I shelled out the $700. And by the way if the warranty for the emissions hadn’t been in place it would have cost me $3000.00 in parts PLUS labor to get this car fixed.This place is nothing but one big scam that employs fraudulent tactics in order to lure in unsuspecting buyers.UPDATE: Terry NOW states that they will not believe me that the car had an issue as “their mechanic” stated the car was in perfect order and that I must be lying because I didn’t bring the car back to them for him to fix for me. This is regardless of the fact that I have my receipts and a sworn statement from the service manager at the Coral Springs Auto Mall.I’m planning to sue them for the cost of the car plus cost of repair plus damages for losing my job as it was directly related to the lemon car that they sold me.DO NOT BUY FROM CHOICE AUTO SALES / JD BYRIDER!

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