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Fake documentation and No Recovery!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Clark

Shame on the people running Choices Recovery Centre, you people are a blot on the society. I swear to God if I had any idea before that you all are running a scam in the name of a rehab Centre, I would never have brought my brother to get a treatment at your Centre. I would have rather treated him at my own place. I hate the day when I met that person who told us that Choices Recovery Centre is providing best results in getting recovery from drug addiction. I request everyone to never ever trust any person convincing you to opt for this recovery center that is actually working to degrade the existing health conditions even more.
My brother joined the Choices Recovery Centre in hope of getting a proper treatment to overcome his addiction to drugs and wanted to live a normal life again. When he was first admitted, his reports were taken to judge the exact amount of drugs prevailing in his body. He was kept for 3 months in the rehab center where he showed 0 Sign of Improvement. I have paid about $ 90, 000 for his treatment and there is literally no betterment found. All I wanted was to see my brother’s smile again after all that he has been through, but you all have made his life a living hell.

I was told that the rehab center had never seen such case where there is no improvement to be found. I ask you why you didn’t tell us about such miserable conditions before. Like if there was no normal improvement to be found after the first month, why was a fake report sent that he has shown some ray of hope and soon everything will be just as we wanted. Just so you can rip off some more cash from me? You created fake documents which are against the law and there can be serious allegations charged against you.
This place is full of fraudsters who are making people’s lives hell and making them go through such horrible conditions. Even insiders are supplying drugs now and then which must be completely banned. What kind of recovery center is this? People are relying on getting better health, to light up their world once again and you all are just throwing their hopes in a dark well. What recovery are you actually providing? You all are scammers and cheaters having eyes on money who have lost humanity in adding more money into your pockets. Even that middleman has not shown up after I paid the money for the rehab center, you all have played with the emotions and sentiments of people in lieu of gaining money. I wish I could just smash the rehab center that has ruined the life of my brother and maybe ruining other people’s loved one’s life too.
My brother has the same numbness in hands and his fingers are still the same deteriorated with drugs and need immediate attention and aid from specialized doctors. I have consulted two other doctors who told me that the medicines given in the recovery center were in high doses that have posed a serious threat on his nervous system which will result in memory loss and even weakened the immune system. From any doctor I consult, they say there is no hope left and the condition will only get worse in the future.

My brother’s condition was already critical and the medications he took there had just made his life more difficult and close to being a dead man. He has lost weight from 70kg to 55 kg. I think they didn’t even feed him well there. If you can’t provide optimum facilities even after taking every penny you asked for, what is the fun of even spending such huge amount of money? This is just exploitation of human beings in the name of recovery. Can I see what recovery has he exactly attained? His nervous system is unbalanced, he is unable to sleep at night moreover, he eats and drinks nothing. His health symptoms have shown a downward graph just because of the high dose of medicines he took at the rehab center.

How can you all play with people’s lives like that? Have some respect it’s their lives you are risking. This is a sheer nuisance. No one will ever bear this. For some amount of money, you have sold your soul to other people. You don’t deserve to live, why don’t you people just rot in hell. Don’t worry I have already asked one of my lawyer friends to file a case against you. You will not get away with this just like that. You will have to pay for everything.

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