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SelfProclaimed Whizkid!!!!

Stay away from this investment guru if you want to keep your money safe!

Chris Atteo is a self-proclaimed investment whizkid as many of you will already know. I regret ever coming across this guy and even regret my own stupidity in trusting him. Little did I know that this was a con artist of the highest order. He kept on harping about his own expertise and literally pressurized me to dispatch my retirement money to him till I gave in. He promised me really high returns and more security. However, I lost all of it due to his carelessness and unethical practices. He blew away my money through options trading channels that were hugely speculative and risky, none of which was done with my consent or by even informing me.

People should be wary of putting in their hard earned retirement funds with such con artists like I did. And later on, I came to know that this guy still resides at his parents’ home in Long Island and is a regular visitor at strip clubs. He’s known to have drinking and cocaine issues as well. Simply beware of this guy if you want your money to stay safe. I’ve lost my retirement money and don’t know how I will manage for the rest of my life.

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  1. anonymous February 2, 2019

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