Chris Auto Recyclers, Brandon Girard

Chris Auto Recyclers, Brandon Girard

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Published: 11 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a motor from Chris Auto Recycler and Brandon Gerard for my 2000 Taurus. 3.0 OHV. The motor had 70,000 K miles on it for 500.00. I called Chris Auto Recyclers several times before I made the purchase because I was very worried about the motor having to come 900 miles. Brandon and Rachel reassured me several times that I had nothing to worry about that in the odd event that the motor was bad that they would immediately exchange it at their expense on shipping or that they would refund my 500.00 . I finally said o.k. The motor arrived a few days later. The motor was put in my car and after it had been put in, my mechanic checked on the oil and the oil pan was full of water. As you can see in the pictures the oil looks like off white paint! He(Brandon) refuses to let me send him these pictures saying that I could have taken a picture of ANY motor! Now he says that he is almost positive that the motor isn’t even theirs! He says that if I want to I can send it(the motor) to them but if he decides that it isn’t his motor, I will just be out of a motor because he doesn’t HAVE to send it back to me. In other words he has already decided that it isn’t “THEIRS”! This car means so much more than most cars do to most people because my Dad gave it to me as a gift just before he passed away in 2001, right after my Mom died. I now have the same lung problems that Dad died of and like so many other people, money is very hard to come by. It took me so long to save up that 500.00. Now I will probably never get it going again. I called a judge and he said that I would have to come out to Texas to sue Chris Auto Recyclers. Can you imagine? By the time I rent a car and drive the 900 miles each way to Texas and back from Georgia, pay the court fees and the loss of 2 or 3 days work for my husband , it will end up costing a lot more than 500.00. Then I would have to back in a couple of months when it goes to court! Chris Auto Recyclers knows that they got us. Brandon’s attitude shows that! Laws are going to have to be put into place about this type of activity against consumers so that we don’t have to take these types of losses. No matter where it is ordered from, we should be able to take care of it in our own state. It would have really been nice if they would have stood by their word. I just want to prevent someone else from being taken by these people at Chris Auto Recyclers. Don’t buy anything from them that you can’t afford to take a loss on or if you are too far away from them to take it back in person.

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