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Published: 25 June 2018

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Chris Baird Consulting or Christopher Paul Baird operates various investment scams out of Vancouver WA and Portland OR. He is currently under investigation for fraudulent business practices, wire fraud and larceny. He has scammed multiple individuals and businesses all over the west coast out of huge sums of money through a myriad of investment scams. Beware of Chris Baird. He should be considered dangerous and untrustworthy. He is also a known drug addict and dealer of illicit drugs. Chris Baird is able to run his scam by operating the websites , and , in which he promotes himself as a well educated and well connected Investment Adviser. He goes as far as claiming that he is good friends with Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Robert Shemin, Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Rudy Giuliani, and John Maxwell. None of this information is true, Chris Baird uses this as a front in order to get your money in his hands so he can then steal it from you. Chris Bair also makes the false claims that he has an extensive background in coaching, sales, marketing, and real estate investing ant that he has been investing in real estate for ten years, has purchased over 500 single-family and multi-family units. These are all complete lies that he uses to bait people in to giving him their money so that he may steal it to live his own personal lavish lifstyle. All of these claims are blatent lies, which a simple Google search will reveal. Chris Baird is Under Investigation For Multiple Counts of Fraud and Drug Trafficking. He should be considered desperate and dangerous and willing to do anything to steal your money. Chris Baird, operating out of Vancouver WA and Portland OR also claims to have 3 different degrees in Business, Finance, and Marketing. Upon investigation there is no record that he has obtained any of these degrees so we must also deem this as false information. A self proclaimed “mentor” Chris Baird Consulting will ensnare you in to their web of lies and delusions until you write them a big check in hopes of seeing a return on your investment. This will not happen, Chris will end up taking all of your money to continue to fuel his lifestyle. There is also a Testimonials section listed on his website full of positive reviews. Upon further investigation it was discovered that all of these positive reviews and testimonials were fakes and ghost written by a third party. This report is being written in hopes that it will put an end to his reign of terror and theft. While he is currently under investigation he still remains at large in the Vancouver WA and Portland OR areas. Stay Away From Chris Baird At All Costs. He is Not Only a Thief but Should Be Considered Very Dangerous. Other businesses that he operates: Registered in Washington state: Entity Name: Stratance LLC Business Name: Strategic Wealth Advisors Mailing address: 13304 NE 93rd Ave Vancouver, WA 98662 UBI: 602890287 Chris does all of his business under the name Stratance LLC and uses Chris Baird Consulting as his front. He also frequents , in order to find more victims for his large scale scam. Thank you for reading and please avoid this man at all costs. .

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