Chris Bongiorno, Dale S.Pearlman, Brian Kingsfield

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Published: 23 December 2018

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BEWARE :: THIS IS HOW CON MEN, SEPARATE YOU FROM YOUR MONEY! CHRIS BONGIORNO, DALE S. PEARLMAN and BRIAN KINGSFIELD all three work covertly behind the scenes to rob you of your money and NEVER give you any stock certificates! SYSTEM OF OPERATION: Using $80,000 call list sheets, they target anyone in the USA or Canada. You’re pitched a story of how their company took over promoting an OTC Penny stock company at $0.20 per share and in 4 weeks drove the stock price to $5.00. Then they pitch a different new company they manage and get you to invest maybe $1,000 privately thru your brokerage firm to buy shares at $0.20 cent price = 5,000 shares you own! They pump stock price up artificially the next week and now you see the price at $0.40 cents per share = Value $2,000! Since you bought their stock legitimately thru YOUR brokerage your name is listed in the stockholders NOBO list. [continued below]…. They buy a NOBO Lists: Beneficial shareholders are broken up into 2 categories, Objecting Beneficial Owners (OBOs) and Non-Objecting, Beneficial Owners (NOBOs). A NOBO list shows the beneficial owners that do not object to the issuer knowing their name, mailing address and share amount. They can monitor how many shares each investor owns. They offer to sell you 250,000 of their privately owned 2,000,000 shares at reduced market price of $0.25 per share and tell you this company is going to reach $6.00-$7.00 in about 6 weeks! You buy in at $62,500. They tell you the stock certificates will be delivered in 2-3 weeks (but they NEVER deliver). In about a month or two at most, the stock price is high, you are very happy until the price drops because they are selling off their millions of shares. (They have your $62,500) and causing a panic among the remaining stockholders. A massive panic/sell off occur and in one or two months your shares have dwindled to next to worthless! You have no stock certificates, no money and no way to get your money back, they field calls with excuses, etc. They have one motto…Your Money is Theirs! Do not invest any money with these guys , Do NOT do commodity trading with Dale S. Pearlman or Chris Bongiorno…! Chris Bongiorno says he is newly married? I know for a fact he has an Ex wife he is still married to by reliable Family sources…! Do NOT believe anything that comes from their mouths… Google The name Chris Bongiorno or Brian Kingsfield and you will see They both were forced to shut down their Mid America Partners, inc. business in Calif..for violating Calif Department of Corporations Laws… There is a Desist and Refrain Order posted on the Internet to these guys….by the Calif. Dept. Of Corporations… I’m proud to say I exposed them and now they trapse from STATE to STATE setting up new business calling NEW innocent VICTIMS… Like YOU… keep your money… in your account ..NOT Theirs! God Bless Anita Watson! .

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