Chris Kelley dba Ranch House Roofing & Construction

Chris Kelley dba Ranch House Roofing & Construction

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Published: 20 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We hired Ranch House to do a rehab on an investment property that we own. We were told that the job would be completed in 7-10 days. They did not do the work that was stated in the contract, but have been paid for 95% of the job. They walked off the job and it was only 50% complete. They left construction debris at the property which caused the City to cite us. We had to go clean the mess ourselves. We have tried to communicate with the owner, Chris Kelly only to be screamed at and told we were stupid. His employees told us that he was unethical and asked them to take short cuts that they knew were wrong. He bought materials for our job without measuring which made them useless. We were left to find another contractor to finish what Ranch House did not complete and lost 2 months of rental income on the property. This company and Chris Kelly took 10K from us and have not fulfilled their contract. We went to arbitration through the BBB and were awarded $$. We don’t ever expect to see a dime from him! This man is a crook. He will promise you the moon and take your money with a smile. Just don’t expect him to do what he promises. Here is another complaint that I found on Angies List… Replaced rafters and roofing materials on portion of home. Did not complete job as stated on his signed contract. Has made promisses to complete job, but always has excuses for why he hasn’t. He’s quick to take the money and and very slow to do the job.He is also rude to me as a paid customer, screaming and yelling at me.The job also included fixing ridge beam in the master bathroom and replace 5 skylights. The skylights have not been replaced. Member Comments: Overall it is a bad experiance. Work started as $3,000 project. After he started he said the damage was more severe and that it would cost $15,000 and that it would be a 3-4 day max job. I feel he should have inspected the area before he started tearing my roof off. At this point I had no roof so against my better judgement, I let him go ahead with the project. He presented me with a new contract signed by him. The work was started May 18 2018 the roofing was completed May 26 2012, which clearly is not 3-4 days. He always had excuses why he couldn’t get the work done . The ridge beam in the master bathroom was finally fixed on June 6 2012. As of yet the skylights have not been replaced. He does not answer or return my calls. The last call he returned was on June 26 2018 and he screamed and yelled at me, a paid customer. Beware of Chris Kelly and his Ranch House Roofing & Construction Co.He is dishonest and rude and a fast talker. I see he is working on homes in my neighborhood and I hope they see this report.I am a retired widowed grandmother and I don’t want him to do to others what he has done to me. Send him on his way or run the other way quick. Feel free to contact me through Angies List.

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