Chris Kelley

Chris Kelley

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

BE AWARE, Chris Kelly DBA Alpental Roofing & Construction LLC, will sell you a bill of goods and disappear. He will lie, make promises, and do whatever he feels necessary to seperate you from your money, and you will never hear from him again. Paid a deposit for his, so called company, to pour a garage slab and driveway extension, crew shows up, I write the Deposit check, and he and, the youn boy he introduced as his son, immediately left, cashed the check have have been forever gone. I anm generally very diligent with checking people out before handing over monye for work not yet completed, but is is as slick, smooth and convinencing as a professional con artists. I even told him that I would not pay a nicle before the work began, he left and came back with a young boy and, what I now realize was a Labor Ready guy he picked up on a street corner, and then left him high and dry. When he arrived, he off loaded some lumber, pulled a string, acted like he was actually for real. I handed him a check for $2400, and have not seen him since. I have been in contact with him, he sings a sad sone that he will refund my money, but other people have “Screw Him” and he does not have it. I am filing complaints with the City of Caddo Mills, City of Greenville, Hunt County Sherriff’s Dept, Greenvile Police, and will seek to prosecute this liar and theif to the fullest extent of the law. If you are considering hiring this theif, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The reviews on his website are from him and his employees. Google this guy and you will find he has stolen money from people in California, Washington, Georgia and Texas. He needs to be in Jail and I will do everything I can to see that he is put there. DO NOT HIRE Cheis Kelley, DO NOT HIRE Christopher Kelley, DO NOT HIRE Gwen McHenry is accomplice and most likely someone close to him. This guy’s only goal in life is to take your money. He has promised to repay me, and I noe know that it will never happen. He has accused me of stealing supplies, he claimed to have pictures of the completed job, he claimed to have people that were never here. DO NOT Believe him, DO NOT give him your money, PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK and RESEARCH THIS GUY, HE IS A FRAUD.

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