Chris&Hyla Stanton, Cromelotuswheels

Chris&Hyla Stanton, Cromelotuswheels

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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Dec 29th of 05 — I orderd a set of wheels from Chromelotus — paid 1774.00 up front and was told I’d have them in 4 weeks (6 weeks at the most. In mid March , after many many phone calls the wheels arrived but were the wrong size (their mistake not mine). It took chromelotus until mid May to have them picked up and sent back to me corrected——many many many phone calls later I was told they were at the chromer and I’d have them in two weeks —– then — the phones went dead — nobody aswered the calls — after calling and caling and calling I finally got ahold of a Leah and she said she would send me a refund —- that never happened. after calling and calling and Chris Stantons cell phone — he finally answered — told me he send a credit thru my credit card as we spoke — but it would take a few days for it to show up on my activity report —–guess what — it never showed up —–after calling for weeks –Chris Stanton answered and said he could issue a credit because too much time had passed — so he would send me out a check the next day —– guess what —- no check ever showed up –and as of today 8-10-06 I am still waiting or a check. I have reported him to the local authorities in Phoenix –the BBB — the computer fraud division of the FBI — the Arizona State Attorny Generals Office . I now see that he and his wife Hyla have scammed alot of people in alot of different ways — I see reports that the sums reach as high as 30,000.00 in a “credit management” scam . We need to put these people in Jail —- How can people like this continue to operate and get rich stealing from honest people —– laws much be changed to protect the victims NOT the criminals Tom Osseo, WisconsinU.S.A.

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